Vrse is now Within

We’ve changed our name. Vrse is now Within. Don’t worry, though: We’re still making great virtual reality films. Download the app to begin your VR journey today.

About the Software

Discover the best VR content from the world’s finest VR creators—all in a single app. From gripping tales set in worlds of pure imagination to documentaries taking you further inside the news than ever before, Within brings together premium, story-based immersive content in a variety of genres. Download Within and experience the future of storytelling today.

  • Watch popular content like Catatonic, a terrifying immersive experience in which you’re trapped in an insane asylum, and the Mr. Robot Virtual Reality Experience, which brings you inside a key moment in the history of the hit show’s main character
  • Supports HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets
  • Minimum internet speed: 3Mbps; recommended internet speed: 15Mbps or more
  • Features industry-leading 3D video and binaural spatial VR sound
  • Experience innovative, entertaining, and informative content from partners including Apple, The New York Times, NBC, Vice Media, the United Nations, musical acts like U2, Annapurna Pictures, and more

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