We Happy Few: Lightbearer

We Happy Few: Lightbearer Box Art

This add-on presents an independent story set in the district town of Wellington Wells. His plot revolves around a rockman and the infamous heartbreaker Nick Lightbearer. Is the artist really the one for whom he publicly claims to be?


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We Happy Few - Lightbearer DLC Review

Lightbearer brings a lot of new ideas to the table and manages to provide a highly humorous and entertaining experience. It was a risk to deviate so far from the original game but it has been executed so well that your laughter will make you love Nick Lightbearer so much that you won’t want it to end. The groovy style & setting combined with all the drug taking will give you a true rollercoaster experience with lots of weird stuff and lots of laughs. DLC often gives us more of the same. With Lightbearer you will get something completely now and highly entertaining.



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