Postal: Brain Damaged

Postal: Brain Damaged Box Art

Well I’ll be damned. Postal is now a Boomer Shooter?! Postal: Brain Damaged is a spin-off taking the most outrageous FPS series of all time into a different, skill-based, retro-shooter direction. The Dude’s about to deal some damage!


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Postal: Brain Damaged Review

Postal: Brain Damaged provides plenty of laughs with the wild selection of weapons and your ability to urinate on anything at a moment's notice. Jokes aside, while the combat is fast-paced and fun, like many retro shooters, the levels just feel a bit dull. While the initial suburbs level gives you a feeling that this may be something a little different, it quickly jumps back to the generic sewers and grimy old buildings that we saw far too many 2000s-era shooters rely on. Combined with a constant lack of ammo, you never really get to do the kind of blasting you would like.



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Let's Play Postal Brain Damaged #2 - Uh Oh!

Ok, so this one started with some unexpected bad news. My game save from the previous video somehow vanished. I noticed from the notes that there are some known bugs and thankfully, the developers have provided a workaround to make...
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Postal: Brain Damaged #1 - Let's Play

It wasn't my intention to take a break from Teardown and No Man's Sky but this game looked way too good to pass on. Classic shooter vibes with some off-the-walls madness. Giving me that Duke Nukem vibe that I have...