We Happy Few: Lightbearer Box Art

We Happy Few: Lightbearer

This add-on presents an independent story set in the district town of Wellington Wells. His plot revolves around a rockman and the infamous heartbreaker Nick Lightbearer. Is the artist really the one for whom he publicly claims to be?


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Hippie Name Generator

Welcome to the Hippie name generator, man! If you're looking for a groovy way to find a far-out name that suits your hippie spirit, you've come to the right place. This name generator is the perfect tool to help you...
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We Happy Few - Lightbearer DLC Review

Score: 9/10
What happens when you mix Austin Powers with Motley Crue? You get the Lightbearer DLC for We Happy Few. Even amid the oppressive world of Wellington Wells, there is room for sex, drugs and rock n’ roll! Lightbearer deliveres something...