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pokemon weakness

Combat is a huge part of what makes Pokemon such an awesome franchise. Whether you are playing Pokemon video games or you are a fan of some of the many other formats you can enjoy the franchise on, understanding the weaknesses of Pokemon is critical.

Every Pokemon has at least one type, some may have two. For example, Bulbasaur is Grass and Poison type. This means that this Pokemon type will have the strengths that come with attacks of these types but also means that it is vulnerable to attacks from other Pokemon that are of opposing types that Grass and Poison Pokemon are weak to.

The tool below is a useful way to get yourself up to speed with the strengths and weaknesses of different Pokemon. Simply type in the name of a Pokemon into the box below and it will allow you to find out what the weaknesses are for this Pokemon. You can also find a full table of type weaknesses and strengths here.

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Enter the name of a Pokémon into the search box below to find out about strength and weaknesses.

How Does a Pokemon Weakness Impact Combat?

Understanding how the weakness of a Pokemon impacts it in combat is critical in achieving success against other trainers. The tool above will help you on a per pokemon basis but what does this actually translate to in combat?

If you have played Pokemon games in the past, you will be familiar with move effectiveness. Sometimes attacks will be super effective, effective or not effective. This is calculated based on whether your Pokemon type has attacks that the opponent Pokemon is weak against. Putting your fire type Pokemon up against a grass pokemon will ensure that you are able to perform at your strongest.

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