MyDream Swift

Swift converts existing non-VR games into immersive VR experience, and also has a desktop viewer for browsing the web, watching videos, or just using your computer in VR.

Swift provides:

  • 360 view in game based on head tracking (ideal for playing games in the first person perspective).
  • Cinema mode for playing casual games on the big screen or watching movies (including stereo 3D, encoded in side-by-side format).
  • Desktop viewer for using your Windows apps or browsing the web (Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 only).
  • Blended reality / Vive camera pass-through aka beer mode so you can see your keyboard, popcorn, beer (Vive only).
  • GUI to configure Swift’s functionality. Enable and setup Swift once, then start your apps the regular way.

Swift comes with 2 components:

  • MyDream Swift: DX9 + DX11 games VR injector for playing your games in 360 view on your VR display system.
  • Swift Desktop: for use in games not working with the MyDream Swift injector and to display your favorite Windows apps in VR. Swift Desktop can also switch to first person mode (where your head orientation maps to the corresponding look direction in game) and supports many DX9-12 and OpenGL (eg DOOM) games. Note that game performance might be marginally lower than the injector and you might need to choose windowed fullscreen mode in the game’s options.

With our image sharpening algorithms and pass-through camera support (Vive only), you don’t need to take the VR HMD off to see your keyboard or read small text on the screen.

Imagine playing your favorite FPS and vehicle piloting games with the freedom to look and aim instantly, or getting extra awareness in your favorite RTS or MOBA on a massive virtual cinema screen, or even blocking out the sights and sounds around you to chill and relax to a good show. Download Swift now and turn that imagination into a reality!

Why wait for VR content tomorrow when you can have it today?


  • Set the game’s FOV to 100-120 if the game supports it. Then adjust Swift’s screen size (CTRL+SHIFT+[+/-]) until turning feels natural.
  • Swift supports DK2 and CV1 and requires Oculus Home: . It does not work with the legacy Oculus runtime 0.8 or earlier.
  • Swift supports the HTC Vive. SteamVR must be running when Swift is enabled and Steam Desktop Game Theater must be disabled.

For more detailed instructions on how to set Swift up, refer to the Swift . Few games require extra steps to setup, which is described in the FAQ.

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