Superhot VR

The Matrix meets Mirrors Edge. Minimal, futuristic environments mixed with bullet dodging and highly calculated movements that make you feel like a total badass.

Physical Information

Position: Standing
Calories Burned: High
Play Area Size: Large
Chance of Injury: Medium

Superhot VR requires one of the largest play areas of any VR game on the market. As you limbo backward, tumble, duck and dodge enemy attacks you will be moving a lot. After an hour or so of playing this game you will be sweating quite a lot. This game is a major workout and if you are of a larger build, you will need a larger play area to accommodate this.

Motion Sickness

Sickness Intensity: 2

Superhot requires a lot of physical movement, but since all of the movement you perform in game is mimicked in real life preventing you from experiencing any major sickness.


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