Drunkn Bar Fight

Drunkn Bar fight is pure chaos that lets you visit a bar and just beat the crap out of all of the innocent people who came out for a quiet beer. There is no real goal to the game other than beat people up.

If you get sick of using your fists, why not pick up a chair, wine bottle or pick a few darts from the dart board. There are no rules in this fighting game. Play as dirty as you want and win by any means necessary.


Position: Standing
Play Area Size: Large
Chance of Injury: High

Dodging punches from other people in the bar will require you to move your body quite a bit. As you move you will also need to throw punches. If you turn around 180 degrees, lean to the side and then throw an upper cut you could be in line to really hurt your fist if you punch something hard. You will need to make sure you clear a large play area to avoid injury while playing this game.


Sickness Intensity: 7

The first thing you need to do in this game is walk forward and into the bar. This will be a test for the entire game. If you survive, this you will be ok. The game requires you to walk around but does not allow teleportation. Walking up to people in the bar can be very nauseating. You only have to move in small amounts to get close to a person. Closing your eyes while you do this is an option to overcome the feeling of sickness.



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