A meadow Piece

A meadow Piece Box Art

This is a meadow simulator with slightly different flowers. Either just watch the flowers grow. Or defend yourself against strange aliens. Actively intervene in the development of the meadow. Play with your friends, either as a team or against each other.

The unique evolution system is the core of A meadow Piece. This ensure that every meadow develops slightly different. You have to intervene to be sure that the meadow evolves the way you want it to. After all, you can just enjoy this chilling simulation part of the game. In contrast, you can try to increase the viability of a meadow and test it by calling on enemy aliens.
Almost everything in the game has a function. Even the daytime and the weather affects the meadow. A meadow Piece is a sophisticated simulation, so that one needs a while to understand the underlying mechanisms. It is completed with a chilling soundtrack that is created with an innovative mixing system to produce a broad variety of music experience.



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