Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

Funko Pops are one of the largest sources of licensed figures and merch for video games, movies and pretty much any source of entertainment you can think of.

They stand out from the crowd with their signature large heads with solid round black eyes. If you are in any way interested in video game merch, you more than likely have come across plenty of Pop Vinyl figures.

Below you will find a collection of reviews, posts and unboxing videos relating to Funko Pops.


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Pop Vinyl Fallout 76 Radtoad Review

Score: 8.5/10
With the recent addition of the pop vinyl sentry bot to my Fallout shelf, one or two new things were needed to add a bit of life to the shelf. Sticking with my rule of not buying any more pops...
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Fallout Sentry Bot Pop Vinyl Unboxing Review

Score: 9/10
The sentry bot in the Fallout franchise became one of the most formidable enemies when it was redesigned in Fallout 4. It seems fitting that the Funko Pop version of this iconic robot would be a larger six-inch figure instead...