Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

Pop Vinyls are a line of collectable figurines created by Funko, a company that specializes in producing licensed pop culture collectables. Pop Vinyls are characterized by their distinctive design, which features large, round heads and small bodies. They are often referred to as “Pops” or “Funko Pops.”.

Funko Pops are widely sold across numerous marketplaces across the world, both online and retail outlets. There is also a significant amount of products available for sale via the official website.

Pop Vinyls are based on popular characters from a variety of franchises, including movies, TV shows, video games, and comic books. The figurines are typically 3.75 inches tall, but there are also larger 6-inch and 10-inch versions available.

Pop Vinyls are made from vinyl and are highly stylized, with exaggerated features such as large heads, black eyes, and simplified facial features. The figurines are often designed to look cute or chibi, making them appealing to collectors and fans of all ages.


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Pop Vinyl Fallout 76 Radtoad Review

Score: 8.5/10
With the recent addition of the pop vinyl sentry bot to my Fallout shelf, one or two new things were needed to add a bit of life to the shelf. Sticking with my rule of not buying any more pops...
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