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Horror games are not for everyone. Some enjoy the suspense and the lack of options to progress without your control. It personally causes me to have a mini heart attack. This section covers topics based around the horror genre in video games.


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[Paradise Lost] - Is Paradise lost a scary game that has jump scares and other frightening things? View Answer

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Alan Wake Remastered Review

Score: 7/10
When Alan Wake was released on the Xbox 360, over 10 years ago, it really shone brightly as being one of the games that bridged the gap between cinema and video games. Since then, we have seen countless incredible games...
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DARQ: Complete Edition Review

Score: 8.5/10
Horror games that reflect the Tim Burton style of Expressionism are always a treat to play when done right. DARQ is one of the latest games to take a page out of this style to produce a rather eerie and...

Is Paradise Lost a scary game?

Is Paradise lost a scary game that has jump scares and other frightening things?
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Don't Die Minerva First Impressions

Post - Article
There is something alluring about that Tim Burton style of quirky horror. It’s not quite horror in the conventional sense. The sinister aspects of the genre are morphed into something that possess huge amounts of character with an almost magical...
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The Blackout Club Review

Score: 6/10
It is quite a common movie situation where the adults are oblivious to the impending danger and it is up to the kids to save the day. It is not a premise that is used very often in video games...
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Until Dawn Review

Post - Gaming Posts
Until Dawn is an interactive horror game that takes place on a snowy mountain lodge where a group of students have gone up for a fun weekend away. Things take a turn when they find out that they are not alone. You...