World of Diving Achievement List

Bubblemaker Bubblemaker
Launch the game
Like a Pro! Like a Pro!
Captured 500 Photo’s
Like a Go-Pro! Like a Go-Pro!
Captured 1.000 Photo’s
Fisherman Friend Fisherman Friend
Captured 5.000 Photo’s
Open Water Diver Open Water Diver
Unlocked starter levels
Dubloon Collector I Dubloon Collector I
Collected 50 Dubloons
Dubloon Collector II Dubloon Collector II
Collected 200 Dubloons
Dubloon Collector III Dubloon Collector III
Collected 1000 Dubloons
Chasing Narwhals Chasing Narwhals
Traveled 1 nautical mile
Self Imposed Exile Self Imposed Exile
Traveled 50 nautical miles
20.000 Miles Under the Sea 20.000 Miles Under the Sea
Traveled 20 nautical miles
Diving Buddy Diving Buddy
Join a multiplayer game
Fry Fry
Completed the first mission in the swimming pool