Maze Roller Achievement List

Exterminator Exterminator
Kill 500 rats.
Musophobia Musophobia
Kill 100 rats.
Careless Careless
Kill 25 rats.
Scrumptious Scrumptious
Earn 20 pieces of cheese.
Very Gouda! Very Gouda!
Earn 50 pieces of cheese.
Cheesophilic Cheesophilic
Earn 84 pieces of cheese.
Caps for Sale! Caps for Sale!
Collect 5 hats.
How Dapper! How Dapper!
Collect 15 hats.
Holy Haberdashery! Holy Haberdashery!
Collect 30 hats.
Rolling Adept Rolling Adept
Complete all Rolling Rat mazes.
Rolling Master Rolling Master
Complete all Rolling Rat mazes with max cheese.
Tilt Adept Tilt Adept
Complete all Board Tilt mazes.
Tilt Master Tilt Master
Complete all Board Tilt mazes with max cheese.
Pinwheel Adept Pinwheel Adept
Complete all Pinwheel mazes.
Pinwheel Master Pinwheel Master
Complete all Pinwheel mazes with max cheese.
Fantasy Adept Fantasy Adept
Complete all Fantasy levels.
Fantasy Master Fantasy Master
Complete all Fantasy levels with max cheese.
Swoosh! Swoosh!
Get to the top of the tower with a shot from the catapult.