Home Improvisation: Furniture Sandbox Achievement List

Fully Furnished Fully Furnished
Build all furniture pieces.
Full House Full House
Unlock all rooms in the house.
Handyperson Handyperson
Unlock all tools.
Challenger Approaching Challenger Approaching
Complete all challenge levels.
D-D-D-Drop the Vase! D-D-D-Drop the Vase!
Shatter the vase.
Interior Designer Interior Designer
Build all furniture in a room.
Virtuoso Virtuoso
Play every note on the piano.
Setting the Mood Setting the Mood
Turn the lights all the way down.
Hammer Time Hammer Time
Use the mallet to shatter something.
Fast Forward Fast Forward
Complete the Speed challenge level.
Higher and Higher Higher and Higher
Complete the Height challenge level.
Positively Smashing Positively Smashing
Complete the Shatter challenge level.