HoloBall Achievement List

Beat Medium Beat Medium
Beat the AI on Medium difficulty
Beat Hard Beat Hard
Beat the AI on Hard difficulty
Flawless Flawless
Score 5 aces in a single round.
Everything Zen Everything Zen
Score 100 hits on Zen Mode
Ironman Ironman
Score 15 points on Endurance
Apprentice Apprentice
Get over 8000 pts on Easy
Journeyman Journeyman
Get over 7000 pts on Medium
Master Master
Get over 6000 pts on Hard
Ace of Bass Ace of Bass
Get 10 aces in one match
Rim Shotter Rim Shotter
Get 10 rim shots in one match
Easy Shut Out Easy Shut Out
Beat any mode without the AI scoring
Shut Out Shut Out
Beat Medium mode without the AI scoring
Ultimate Shut Out Ultimate Shut Out
Beat Hard mode without the AI scoring
Power of Grey Skull Power of Grey Skull
Beat Hard mode while holding 1 of the paddles above your head the entire game
Grinder Grinder
Beat Easy, Medium and Hard all in a row, without losing a point.
am·bi·dex·trous am·bi·dex·trous
Win a match while alternating hits with your left and right hands
Head Shot Head Shot
Stop the ball with your face!