Catan Achievement List

Roadworks expert Roadworks expert
Build a road with 15 or more segments.
Pack rat Pack rat
Collect 20 resources in your hand.
Roadblock Roadblock
Interrupt the longest road belonging to an opponent.
Second to None Second to None
Win a game with more than a 5-point advantage.
Robber Baron Robber Baron
Rob your opponents 10 times in a single game.
On Principle On Principle
Move the Robber to a player who currently holds no cards in his hand.
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter
Find 5 treasures in a single game.
Domination Domination
Win a game by having the Largest Army and the Longest Road.
Lone Wolf Lone Wolf
Win a game without trading (fellow players AND bank).
Villager by Conviction Villager by Conviction
Win a game without building a city.
Empire of Catan Empire of Catan
Build settlements on all the islands in a Seafarers scenario.
Explorer Explorer
Reveal 10 fog-covered hexes in a single game.
Knights of the Round Table Knights of the Round Table
Play 12 Knight Cards in a single game.
Peace Peace
Place the Robber on a hex where he will affect no one.
Wholesaler Wholesaler
Possess at least 3 harbors.
Coastal Road Coastal Road
Build your roads, settlements, and cities exclusively on coasts.
Monoculture Monoculture
Build all your settlements and cities next to a single type of resource and win.
Trading Skills Trading Skills
Only trade with your fellow players at least 2:1 in your favor and win.
Defender of the Realm Defender of the Realm
Become “Defender of Catan” five times in a single game.
Brawn before Brains Brawn before Brains
Win a game where you always had more Knights than City Improvements.
King of all Trades King of all Trades
Get all 3 Metropolises in a game.
Wall Builder Wall Builder
Have three Cities with City Walls in a game.
Troublemaker Troublemaker
Cause 5 Barbarian attacks in a game.
Rule them all Rule them all
Play and defeat all the computer characters in custom games.
Omnipresent Omnipresent
Build a Settlement or a City at every number in a game.
Wood for Sheep Wood for Sheep
Trade 42 times 1 Lumber for 1 Wool in a game.
Veteran Knight Veteran Knight
Build a Mighty Knight, a City Wall, and a Metropolis and move the Merchant in a game.
Outsourcing Outsourcing
End the game having never lost a City to the Barbarians while never building a Knight.