Generation VII Pokemon

Generation VII Pokemon

The seventh generation of Pokémon games, also known as the “Gen VII” games, was released in 2016 and includes Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon. This generation introduced 80 new species of Pokémon, bringing the total number of species to 802.

The seventh generation games take place in a new region called Alola and feature new cities, towns, and routes to explore, as well as new Gym Leaders and Elite Four members to battle. The games also introduce new gameplay mechanics, such as “Z-Moves,” which are powerful moves that can be used once per battle, and the introduction of “Alola Forms,” where certain Pokémon have different appearances and abilities in the Alola region compared to other regions.

Another significant addition of the seventh generation is the concept of “Ride Pokémon,” where the player can ride certain Pokémon to navigate the game world and access new areas. The seventh generation also introduced new forms of evolution, including evolution through exposure to certain environmental factors.

Overall, the seventh generation of Pokémon games brought new innovations and additions to the franchise, continuing the tradition of expanding the Pokémon world and captivating fans.


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