Let's Play - Hit Others

This game is simply just canned mayhem and we love it. check out the Band at http://bullerslug.com/cheer-up-goth-1/

Most Artistic Game Visuals From Last Gen

Every now and then a development team will come along and make a game that breaks away from the shiny Unreal Engine graphics and makes...

Most Annoying Escort Missions Ever

Hey protect me while i put myself in unnecessary danger! We all hate the moment when we have to protect an NPC while they perform...

What is Power Armor And Is It Real?

When we hear power armor most of us will think of The Brotherhood of Steel but do any of us know what Power Armor actually...

Fallout 4 Wishlist

No one knows when Fallout 4 is actually going to come out but we do know that it is in the works. As much as...

Let's Play - Clive Barkers Jericho

Follow the adventures of Clive Barker (aka Burkers Jerkers) the intern as he tries to make his position as 7th wheel in the kick ass...

Doctor Who Meets Sherlock Holmes - Wholock!

Our dreams have come true! The Doctor finally gets to meet Mr Sherlock Holmes. This fan made video, which was made by one single fan...

Actor Wishlist for Video Game Movies

Movie adoptions of famous video games have always been a touchy subject in the past. Movies such as Doom and Super Mario Bros being a...

Let's Play - Amnesia - The Dark Descent

We try our hands at a blind run of Amnesia The Dark Descent. Considering Dan doesn't like scary games, he didn't do too bad. Tinderbox!...

Crazy Japanese Horse Racing Game

Japanese entertainment is well known for having a bit of a crazy side to it but for once they have gone and created a perfectly...