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Cross Buy Platinum Trophies

Easy Cross Buy Platinums (Vita and PS4)

Cross buy platinums are highly sought after in the trophy hunting community.  Buy a game on the PS4 and you also get the game...
Double Platinum

15 Games With a Double Platinum ( Vita & PS4)

A double platinum is a gem in the trophy hunting community. What it normally means is that a game that was released on the...
1 hour platinum trophy

12 PS4 Games You Can Platinum In An Hour

If you are looking to get some quick platinum trophies then this list is going to help you out a lot. No need to...

Where is Nubla Part Two?

Nubla was a fairly interesting game from an artistic perspective. The story was kind of strange, it was clear that this was an artistic...

Gone Home Was NOT What I Had Expected It To Be

I was in the mood for a walking sim over the weekend and was watching some trailers on YouTube hoping to find something. I've...

Adamantoise Battle Was Not Worth The Wait

I bought Final Fantasy XV back when it came out and stopped playing once I beat the story. My plan was to wait until...

Why No Fallout Shelter For Vita?

Sony have not been the biggest fan of the Vita over the past few years. The shunned successor to the PSP, is dead in...
farming simulator 17

Farming Simulator 17 Review

Once you get over initial learning curve the addiction to the game will begin to set in. Growing and harvesting crops is surprisingly fun....
Hellblade Wallpaper

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Review

A dark and unusual story that is enriched by one of the impressive and unconventional hero’s you will ever see. While some tedious puzzles...

God of War Review

The jump to Norse mythology was a bold change that has paid off. The new gods and new setting really shake things up. The...


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