Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation Achievement List

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Total XP45000 points
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9 Achievements

first-of-many_2 achievement icon
First of Many 1000 XP
Complete your first Duel.
classic_6 achievement icon
Classic 2000 XP
Defeat Yami Yugi!
gx achievement icon
GX 5000 XP
Defeat Jaden Yuki!
5d-s achievement icon
5D'S 5000 XP
Defeat Yusei Fudo!
zexal achievement icon
Zexal 7500 XP
Defeat Yuma Tsukumo!
number-one achievement icon
Number One 10000 XP
Defeat all hard decks!
rank-up_6 achievement icon
Rank Up 2500 XP
Win 10 ranked matches!
world-dueler achievement icon
World Dueler 2000 XP
Play in 10 multiplayer Duels!
one-better achievement icon
One Better 10000 XP
Inflict at least 1 million and 1 total damage.
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