WWE SuperCard – Multiplayer Card Battle Game Achievement List

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2K, Inc.
Total XP48500 points
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12 Achievements

on-your-way_1 achievement icon
On Your Way 1000 XP
Play 100 Matches
on-the-rise achievement icon
On the Rise 2000 XP
Play 500 Matches
future-star achievement icon
Future Star 5000 XP
Play 1,000 Matches
rarely-done achievement icon
Rarely Done 5000 XP
Reach Ultra Rare (top 8 cards)
working-out achievement icon
Working Out 5000 XP
Train a Superstar
ready-to-rock achievement icon
Ready to Rock 5000 XP
Pro a Card
up-the-ante achievement icon
Up the Ante 2500 XP
Reach Super Rare (top 8 cards)
it-s-legendary achievement icon
It's Legendary! 7500 XP
Get your first Legendary Card
nice_17 achievement icon
Nice! 5000 XP
Get your first Epic Card!
hot-stuff_1 achievement icon
Hot Stuff 2500 XP
Train a Female Superstar
epic-proportions achievement icon
Reach Epic (top 8 cards)
super-star_2 achievement icon
Super Star! 5000 XP
Reach Legendary (top 8 cards)
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