Two Dots Achievement List

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Total XP85000 points
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87 Achievements

play-with-your-friends achievement icon
Connect to Facebook and see your friends' scores!
shuffle-things-up achievement icon
Use a Shuffler power-up in a level to rearrange all normal dots.
erase-the-roof achievement icon
Erase the Roof! 1000 XP
Use the Eraser power-up in a level to make any dot disappear. Even special ones.
your-first-square achievement icon
Connect dots in a square and see what happens.
bomb-super-move achievement icon
Bomb Super Move 1000 XP
What do the dots trapped in the middle of a square do?
bon-voyage achievement icon
Bon Voyage! 1000 XP
Start your journey with Emily and Jack. (Beat level 10)
100th-treasure-hunt achievement icon
A special achievement for players who defeated the 100th Treasure Hunt!
bottom-of-the-ocean achievement icon
Sink all the Anchors to knock out Noodles the squid. (Beat level 35)
ice-mountain achievement icon
Ice Mountain 1000 XP
Crack all the ice but be sure to keep Nigel the yeti cool. (Beat level 60)
get-connected_2 achievement icon
Get Connected 1000 XP
Connect to Google Play Game Services.
barren-wastes achievement icon
Barren Wastes 1000 XP
Break those bricks but don't wake Trixie the fox. (Beat level 110)
outer-space achievement icon
Outer Space 1000 XP
Master teleportation and go beyond! (Beat level 135)
wonder-and-mystery achievement icon
Discover the mysteries that live in the void. (Beat level 160)
beyond_5 achievement icon
Beyond 1000 XP
Venture into the unknown. (Beat level 185)
red-leaf-forest achievement icon
Red Leaf Forest 1000 XP
Douse the raging fires and restore order. (Beat level 85)
endless-caverns achievement icon
Endless Caverns 1000 XP
Dare to descend into the gaping maw. (Beat level 210)
crystal-caves achievement icon
Crystal Caves 1000 XP
Unearth subterranean beauty far beneath the surface. (Beat level 235)
the-emerald-jungle achievement icon
Welcome to the jungle! (Beat level 260)
emerald-rapids achievement icon
Emerald Rapids 1000 XP
It all feels like an emerald dream. (Beat level 285)
unsolved-mysteries achievement icon
Circuit breaking and entering. (Beat level 310)
tesla-labs achievement icon
Tesla Labs 1000 XP
Fiction becomes fact in this once secret lab. (Beat level 335)
valley-of-the-flying-lotus achievement icon
Drift away like a petal in the breeze. (Beat level 360)
flying-lotus-palace achievement icon
Fly past the lanterns to the top of the grand tower. (Beat level 385)
the-hidden-village achievement icon
See what’s nested beneath the Hidden Hills. (Beat level 410)
the-hidden-hills achievement icon
Boris the bear can be a bit possessive at times. (Beat level 435)
thriller-night achievement icon
Thriller Night 1000 XP
Rise from your grave! (Beat level 460)
night-creatures-call achievement icon
Can you brave the foreboding Wandering Woods? (Beat level 485)
metropolis-dreaming achievement icon
Ride this train into the future! (Beat level 510)
blinding-lights achievement icon
Blinding Lights 1000 XP
This city never sleeps. (Beat level 535)
north-sky-country achievement icon
Ponder over idyllic lake reflections. (Beat level 560)
auroral-glow achievement icon
Auroral Glow 1000 XP
Let the radiant constellations guide you. (Beat level 585)
cricket-thickets achievement icon
These wigglers all have eyes for you. (Beat level 610)
larval-lair achievement icon
Larval Lair 1000 XP
Flee the clutches of the nefarious nest! (Beat level 635)
turtle-beach achievement icon
Turtle Beach 1000 XP
Race your friends along the sandy shore. (Beat level 660)
roving-isles achievement icon
Roving Isles 1000 XP
It's turtles all the way down. (Beat level 710)
limbo-machine achievement icon
Limbo Machine 1000 XP
Your radar is detecting excitement! (Beat level 710)
dazzle-o-meter achievement icon
Dazzle-O-Meter 1000 XP
Decode the cryptic bleeps and bloops. (Beat level 735)
theremin-flourish achievement icon
Prepare for a bohemian experience. (Beat level 760)
wild-blue-yonder achievement icon
Up up and away! (Beat level 785)
cloud-kingdom achievement icon
Cloud Kingdom 1000 XP
Storm's a-brewin. (Beat level 810)
thunder-dome achievement icon
Thunder Dome 1000 XP
This is an F5 race you can't win! (Beat level 835)
burst-those-colors achievement icon
Use the Color Burst power-up in a level to burst all dots of a single color.
west-express achievement icon
West Express 1000 XP
Hop on for more adventure! (Beat level 860)
dusty-plains achievement icon
Dusty Plains 1000 XP
Rolling through the meadows! (Beat level 885)
abandoned-rail achievement icon
Abandoned Rail 1000 XP
You're off the rails! (Beat level 910)
frozen-drifts achievement icon
Frozen Drifts 1000 XP
You kept your cool! (Beat level 935)
kelp-forest achievement icon
Kelp Forest 1000 XP
Get out of your shell! (Beat level 960)
stormy-seas achievement icon
Stormy Seas 1000 XP
Don't be a sucker! (Beat level 985)
perpetual-machine achievement icon
It went like clockwork! (Beat level 1010)
curio-shop achievement icon
Curio Shop 1000 XP
Don't lose your head! (Beat level 1035)
grand-carousel achievement icon
Grand Carousel 1000 XP
Get back in the saddle! (Beat level 1060)
orion-spaceship achievement icon
Orion Spaceship 1000 XP
We reached for the stars!
cosmos-galaxy achievement icon
Cosmos Galaxy 1000 XP
Shoot for the stars! (Beat Level 1110)
crimson-planet achievement icon
Crimson Planet 1000 XP
Take one small step. Beat level 1135.
primordial-jungle achievement icon
Life will find a way! (Beat Level 1160)
flooded-marsh achievement icon
Flooded Marsh 1000 XP
Don't Stop Running! (Beat Level 1185)
molten-land achievement icon
Molten Land 1000 XP
Don't go extinct. (Beat level 1210)
precise-aim achievement icon
Precise Aim 1000 XP
Use the Sure Shot power-up in a level to zap dots in a cross shape.
dry-sky-desert achievement icon
Dry Sky Desert 1000 XP
A journey of a thousand miles!
dungeon-of-perils achievement icon
Caution! Perils ahead! (Beat Level 1260)
forbidden-chamber achievement icon
Treasure awaits! (Beat level 1285)
myriad-garden achievement icon
Myriad Garden 1000 XP
Find your way out! (Beat level 1310)
ornate-manor achievement icon
Ornate Manor 1000 XP
Dress to Impress! (Beat level 1335)
botanical-greenhouse achievement icon
Refill your watering can! (Beat level 1360)
winter-feast achievement icon
Winter Feast 1000 XP
Grab your ladle! (Beat level 1385)
shiver-village achievement icon
Shiver Village 1000 XP
Winter is on the way! (Beat level 1410)
illumine-palace achievement icon
Illumine Palace 1000 XP
Fulfill your knight’s duty. (Beat level 1435)
doubloon-isle achievement icon
Doubloon Isle 1000 XP
Find the buried treasure! (Beat level 1460)
fearless-frigate achievement icon
Avoid Davy Jones' Locker. (Beat level 1485)
buccaneer-s-battle achievement icon
Make way for the scourge of the seven seas!
luminous-lake achievement icon
Luminous Lake 1000 XP
Follow the glowing path! (Beat level 1535)
enchanted-grove achievement icon
Enchanted Grove 1000 XP
Follow the radiant path. (Beat level 1560)
verdant-giant achievement icon
Verdant Giant 1000 XP
Let the light be your guide! (Beat level 1585)
flaming-flows achievement icon
Flaming Flows 1000 XP
Avoid the fiery flames! (Beat level 1605)
caldera-causeway achievement icon
Avoid the lava! (Beat level 1635)
dragon-s-domain achievement icon
Dragon's Domain 1000 XP
Befriend the dragon! (Beat level 1660)
cactus-patch achievement icon
Cactus Patch 1000 XP
Avoid the thorns! (Beat level 1685)
tiled-terraces achievement icon
Tiled Terraces 1000 XP
Don’t burn out! (Beat level 1710)
patterned-pueblo achievement icon
Find the elusive patterns. (Beat level 1735)
fantastic-fairground achievement icon
Take a ride to the top! (Beat level 1760)
merriment-mountain achievement icon
Take a ride straight down. (Beat Level 1785)
river-rendezvous achievement icon
Take a trip down the river! (Beat level 1810)
granular-gardens achievement icon
Tend to the garden's sand. (Beat level 1835)
koi-pond achievement icon
Koi Pond 500 XP
Look for the crimson fish. (Beat level 1860)
secluded-shrine achievement icon
Find the Shrine in the center of the forest! (Beat level 1885)
ample-farm achievement icon
Ample Farm 500 XP
Fill your basket! (Beat level 1910)
furrowed-fields achievement icon
Plow the fields! (Reach level 1935)
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