Trial Xtreme 4 Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Trial Xtreme 4 below. This game is developed by Deemedya INC. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP43000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


wining-streak achievement icon
Wining Streak 500 XP
Win 5 races for cash in a row
on-a-roll_5 achievement icon
On a roll 1000 XP
Win 10 races for cash in a row
unstopable achievement icon
Unstopable 1500 XP
Win 20 races for cash in a row
piggy-bank_5 achievement icon
Piggy bank 500 XP
Win 200,000 coins in tournaments
cash-cow_1 achievement icon
Cash cow 1000 XP
Win 1,000,000 coins in tournaments
atm achievement icon
ATM 1500 XP
Win 5,000,000 coins in tournaments
starting achievement icon
Starting... 500 XP
Win 10 races for cash
moving-forward achievement icon
Win 50 races for cash
got-it achievement icon
Got it! 1500 XP
Win 100 races for cash
pocket-money_2 achievement icon
Pocket money 500 XP
Win 100,000 coins in duels
cash-magnet achievement icon
Cash magnet 1000 XP
Win 1,000,000 coins in duels
duel-devil achievement icon
Duel devil 1500 XP
Win 10,000,000 coins in duels
rull-the-house achievement icon
Rull the house 1000 XP
Rank in the top 100 in 5 tournaments
king-of-the-hill_3 achievement icon
Rank in the top 5 in 1 tournaments
king-of-the-mountain achievement icon
Rank in the top 20 in 5 tournaments
morning-star achievement icon
Morning star 500 XP
Get 3 stars in 10 levels
raising-star achievement icon
Raising star 1000 XP
Get 3 stars in 30 levels
shooting-star achievement icon
Shooting star 1500 XP
Get 3 stars in 60 levels
money-whale achievement icon
Money Whale 5000 XP
Spend 50$
manchickenelk achievement icon
ManChickenElk 5000 XP
Best halloween costume ever
game-fan achievement icon
Game fan 5000 XP
Launch game 50 times
sale_3 achievement icon
SALE 5000 XP
Buy any special offer
100-player achievement icon
100% player 5000 XP
Unlock all achievements
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Time Required To Get 100% Achievements