Tap Tap Builder Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Tap Tap Builder below. This game is developed by HeroCraft Ltd.. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP70000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


complete-all-tasks achievement icon
Complete training tasks
level-10_11 achievement icon
Level 10 500 XP
Reach town level 10
level-20_7 achievement icon
Level 20 1000 XP
Reach town level 20
level-30_5 achievement icon
Level 30 1500 XP
Reach town level 30
level-40_3 achievement icon
Level 40 2000 XP
Reach town level 40
level-60_1 achievement icon
Level 60 3000 XP
Reach town level 60
level-80_1 achievement icon
Level 80 4000 XP
Reach town level 80
level-100_2 achievement icon
Level 100 5000 XP
Reach town level 100
5-000-people achievement icon
5 000 people 500 XP
Get town population 5 000
10-000-people achievement icon
10 000 people 1000 XP
Get town population 10 000
15-000-people achievement icon
15 000 people 1500 XP
Get town population 15 000
20-000-people achievement icon
20 000 people 2000 XP
Get town population 20 000
30-000-people achievement icon
30 000 people 3000 XP
Get town population 30 000
40-000-people achievement icon
40 000 people 4000 XP
Get town population 40 000
50-000-people achievement icon
50 000 people 5000 XP
Get town population 50 000
skyscraper_1 achievement icon
Skyscraper 5000 XP
Upgrade house or office building to the maximum level
industrialist_1 achievement icon
Industrialist 5000 XP
Upgrade power plant, ironworks or concrete plant to the maximum level
friendly_2 achievement icon
Friendly 5000 XP
Collect 5 invites from friends
gambler_4 achievement icon
Gambler 5000 XP
Win 5 times in a row at casino
ad-eater achievement icon
Ad eater 5000 XP
Watch ad in the cinema 50 times
fireman achievement icon
Fireman 500 XP
Build fire department level 5
policeman achievement icon
Policeman 500 XP
Build police station level 5
office-level-5 achievement icon
Build office level 5
office-level-10 achievement icon
Office level 10 1000 XP
Build office level 10
office-level-15 achievement icon
Office level 15 1500 XP
Build office level 15
office-level-20 achievement icon
Office level 20 2000 XP
Build office level 20
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