Syberia (Full) Achievement List

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Total XP100000 points
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13 Achievements

welcome-to-valadilene achievement icon
Finish getting ready for your arrival in Valadilene
legacy-of-kate achievement icon
Legacy of Kate 5000 XP
Familiarize yourself with the Voralberg will
graduate achievement icon
Graduate 5000 XP
Solve all the problems at Barrockstadt University
all-quiet-on-the-eastern-front achievement icon
Arrive at the space station
space-odyssey achievement icon
Space Odyssey 5000 XP
Get the zeppelin off the ground with Boris's help
back-to-your-roots achievement icon
Arrive in Aralbald for the first time
the-great-escape achievement icon
Return to Aralbald and escape from the thief
memory-of-the-amerzone achievement icon
Find an Amerzone speaking book
music-box achievement icon
Music Box 5000 XP
Listen to all the cylinders in the train
on-the-way-to-syberia achievement icon
Finish the game
words-just-words achievement icon
Talk about all subjects with every character
snoop_1 achievement icon
Snoop 15000 XP
Find all the game items and look at all the documents
old-school achievement icon
Old School 20000 XP
Finish the game in less than 6 hours
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