Summoners War Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Summoners War below. This game is developed by Com2uS. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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CategoryRole Playing
Total XP69500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


set-your-budget achievement icon
Set Your Budget 2500 XP
Produce a total of 30,000 Mana
equip-a-rune-set achievement icon
Apply 1 Rune Set Effect
garen-forest-search achievement icon
Beat the Garen Forest Boss 3 times
mt-siz-search achievement icon
Mt. Siz Search 3500 XP
Beat the Mt. Siz Boss 3 times
a-strange-vacation achievement icon
Beat the Ragon Boss 3 times
chimera-in-the-water achievement icon
Beat the Telain Boss 3 times
not-afraid-of-wind achievement icon
Beat the Kabir Boss 3 times
unknown-ruins-search achievement icon
Beat the Hydeni Ruins Boss 3 times
sandy-desert-search achievement icon
Beat the Tamor Boss 3 times
fire-ruins-expedition achievement icon
Beat the Vrofagus Boss 3 times
volcano-area-expedition achievement icon
Beat the Faimon Boss 3 times
a-perfect-battle achievement icon
Clear a battle without losing any monsters
joy-of-victory achievement icon
Joy of Victory 3000 XP
Beat another player in the Arena
monster-power-up achievement icon
Power-up a 2-star monster
intermediate-monster-power-up achievement icon
Power-up a 3-star monster
the-dark-horse-of-the-arena achievement icon
Win 10 times in the Arena.
monster-transformed achievement icon
Awaken a monster once
v-i-p_1 achievement icon
V.I.P. 4000 XP
Buy items 10 times from the Magic Shop
celestial-island achievement icon
2nd Expansion
magic-castle achievement icon
Magic Castle 5000 XP
Place 10 buildings
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