Stranger Things: The Game Achievement List

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Total XP45000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


the-lost-boys achievement icon
The Lost Boys 2000 XP
Completed Chapter 1
the-gate achievement icon
The Gate 2000 XP
Completed Chapter 2
radio-voice achievement icon
Radio Voice 2000 XP
Completed Chapter 3
fire-and-water achievement icon
Fire and Water 2000 XP
Completed Chapter 4
dark-riddles achievement icon
Dark Riddles 2000 XP
Completed Chapter 5
the-hydra achievement icon
The Hydra 2000 XP
Completed Chapter 6
concerned-citizens achievement icon
Completed all quests
wrist-rocket achievement icon
Wrist Rocket 1000 XP
Unlocked Lucas as a playable character.
study-time achievement icon
Study Time 1000 XP
Unlocked Nancy as a playable character.
rolling-a-7 achievement icon
Rolling a 7 1000 XP
Unlocked Will as a playable character.
friends-don-t-lie achievement icon
Unlocked Mike as a playable character.
can-fight-evil achievement icon
Can Fight Evil 1000 XP
Unlocked Dustin as a playable character.
my-crazy-friend achievement icon
My Crazy Friend 2000 XP
Unlocked Eleven as a playable character.
best-friends_3 achievement icon
Best Friends 2000 XP
Collected all playable characters.
coffee-and-contemplation achievement icon
Fully upgraded Hopper.
hunting-time achievement icon
Hunting Time 2000 XP
Fully upgraded Nancy.
rerolled achievement icon
Rerolled 2000 XP
Fully upgraded Will.
monster-killer achievement icon
Monster Killer 2000 XP
Fully upgraded Lucas.
for-our-travels achievement icon
For Our Travels 2000 XP
Fully upgraded Dustin.
boom_1 achievement icon
Boom! 2000 XP
Fully upgraded Mike.
super-powers achievement icon
Super Powers 4000 XP
Fully upgraded Eleven.
stranger-friends achievement icon
Fully upgraded all characters.
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