Steppy Pants Achievement List

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Total XP49000 points
RatingsNo Ratings

13 Achievements

mix-it-up achievement icon
Mix it up 2000 XP
Change gender in the costume menu
super-stepper achievement icon
Super Stepper 10000 XP
Get a score of 250 or higher
pretty-great-stepper achievement icon
Get a score of 100 or higher
dat-combo-tho achievement icon
dat combo tho 6000 XP
Get 4 gold checkpoint flags in a row
go-for-gold achievement icon
Go for gold 4000 XP
Get a gold checkpoint flag
we-re-not-narcissists-promise achievement icon
Have a look at the people that made this game
i-m-walking-here achievement icon
Get hit by a car
gotta-win-em-all achievement icon
Play the prize machine 10 times
you-re-a-winner achievement icon
Play the prize machine 2 times
marathon_14 achievement icon
Marathon 5000 XP
Reach 42.2km
finished-the-game-jk achievement icon
Reach 1.0km
it-begins achievement icon
It begins 2000 XP
Reach 100m
looking-dapper achievement icon
Looking dapper! 5000 XP
Unlock and equip a whole costume set
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