Star Trek Timelines - Strategy RPG & Space Battles Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Star Trek Timelines - Strategy RPG & Space Battles below. This game is developed by Tilting Point. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP21500 points
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to-boldly-go achievement icon
To Boldly Go 1000 XP
Witnessed the devastating effects of the temporal anomaly crisis.
logic-under-fire achievement icon
Defeated Regent Worf and drove the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance from Vulcan.
never-forgive-never-forget achievement icon
Ended lawlessness in Bajoran and Cardassian space and handed control to a single faction.
ethical-alternatives achievement icon
Put the future of the Federation in either Section 31 or the Terran Empire’s hands.
the-art-of-war achievement icon
The Art of War 2500 XP
Ensured the supremacy of the Augments or the Klingons as the galaxy’s strongest warriors.
hostile-takeover achievement icon
Gave the Grand Nagus seat to Rom and his progressive Alliance, or Brunt and his Traditionalist followers.
when-falcons-clash achievement icon
Gave control of the Romulan Star Empire to Sela and the reluctant Romulans, or Shinzon and the victorious Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.
the-killing-syndrome achievement icon
With approval (or disapproval) from the Xindi, allowed the Dominion to be hunted to near-extinction, or ended the Hirogen hunt.
promoted achievement icon
Promoted 1000 XP
It's time to earn your place in Starfleet!
con-permiso-capitan achievement icon
Become Q's right-hand Captain in the galaxy.
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