Run Sausage Run! Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Run Sausage Run! below. This game is developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP88000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


jog achievement icon
Jog 1500 XP
Reach 20 points
quick-run achievement icon
Quick Run 2500 XP
Reach 50 points
extra-mile achievement icon
Extra Mile 3500 XP
Reach 100 points
marathon_18 achievement icon
Marathon 5000 XP
Reach 150 points
survivor_10 achievement icon
Survivor 10000 XP
Reach a total of 2000 points
overachiever_1 achievement icon
Overachiever 2500 XP
Beat your highscore as Smoked Sausage
shopper_1 achievement icon
Shopper 2500 XP
Collect 3 outfits
hoarder_3 achievement icon
Hoarder 5000 XP
Collect 6 outfits
berserker achievement icon
Berserker 5000 XP
Tap and hold for 10 second without dying
sausage-party achievement icon
Sausage Party 5000 XP
Get all 3 sausage types
the-walking-dead achievement icon
Score a total of 1000 points as Zombie Sausage
return-on-investment achievement icon
Collect 500 coins as Business Sausage
short-run achievement icon
Short Run 3500 XP
Beat your highscore as a Weisswurst
long-distance_1 achievement icon
Long Distance 3500 XP
Beat your highscore as a Blutwurst
collector_37 achievement icon
Collector 10000 XP
Get all sausage outfits
gold-rush_8 achievement icon
Gold Rush 5000 XP
Collect 20 coins in a single run
die-hard_3 achievement icon
Die Hard 5000 XP
Get killed by every type of obstacle
barbecue achievement icon
Barbecue 10000 XP
Get killed by fire with every outfit
cardio_2 achievement icon
Cardio 5000 XP
Collect 300 coins as Fitness Sausage
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