Ruben is sleepy Achievement List

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Total XP100000 points
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5 Achievements

10-points achievement icon
> 10 points 20000 XP
You scored > 10 points! Right on!
20-points achievement icon
> 20 points 20000 XP
Yeah! You scored higher than 20 points... What a number!
30-points achievement icon
> 30 points 20000 XP
Sick! You have scored > 30 points! Hurrah!
ruubled achievement icon
Ruubled! 20000 XP
Great, you have Ruubled a query! Now your images are shown in the tv's and we love you for it!
powerup achievement icon
Powerup! 20000 XP
Great!! You found out how to use a powerup! Good for you! Try all 4 powerups and improve your score! Suggested order by the dev team - glasses first - then headband to slow down - then binoculars to zoom out - then headphones for an electro magnetic pulse!!
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