Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense RPG and War Strategy Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense RPG and War Strategy below. This game is developed by Flaregames. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP65500 points
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guardian_10 achievement icon
Guardian 1000 XP
Use all your Morale Points in 3 Castle Guard Waves.
fortification achievement icon
Fortification 500 XP
Build 3 Towers and upgrade them to level 1.
commander_4 achievement icon
Commander 3000 XP
Unlock the Paladin.
sorcerer-s-apprentice achievement icon
Unlock the Stun Spell.
forger_3 achievement icon
Forger 500 XP
Unlock the Spike Trap Construction Plan.
small-prey achievement icon
Small Prey 500 XP
Loot 500,000 Gold in battle.
huge-prey achievement icon
Huge Prey 1000 XP
Loot 1,000,000 Gold in battle.
epic-prey achievement icon
Epic Prey 3000 XP
Loot 2,000,000 Gold in battle.
treasurer_4 achievement icon
Treasurer 1000 XP
Build a Treasure Chamber with a capacity for 350,000 Gold.
bartender achievement icon
Bartender 1000 XP
Build 3 Taverns for your people.
heroic-king achievement icon
Heroic King 3000 XP
Raise your Hero level to 40.
uber-mage achievement icon
Uber Mage 3000 XP
Unlock the Shield Spell.
general_6 achievement icon
General 1000 XP
Unlock the Pyromancer.
blaster-master achievement icon
Blaster Master 3000 XP
Blast 8 ruins to build the perfect defense.
gardener_4 achievement icon
Gardener 500 XP
Unlock a new environment.
rags-to-riches_1 achievement icon
Rags to Riches 1000 XP
Earn 500 Gems and get rich.
great-defender_1 achievement icon
Defend 25 attacks at your castle.
awesome-defender achievement icon
Defend 250 attacks at your castle.
uber-defender achievement icon
Uber Defender 3000 XP
Defend 2,500 attacks at your castle.
power-monger achievement icon
Power Monger 1000 XP
Have 1,500 Trophies in total.
king-of-kings_3 achievement icon
King of Kings 1000 XP
Raise your Throne Room to level 4.
inventor achievement icon
Inventor 1000 XP
Unlock the Firebolt Tower.
strategic-strike_1 achievement icon
Use 77 Scrolls in battle.
watch-dog achievement icon
Watch Dog 3000 XP
Have a total of 60 Morale Points for your Castle Guard.
long-way-home_1 achievement icon
Long Way Home 3000 XP
Build a defense path that is 27 pieces long
undead-king achievement icon
Undead King 1000 XP
Use 50 Resurrections in battle.
achiever_3 achievement icon
Achiever 3000 XP
Complete 80 Quests.
tiny-emperor achievement icon
Tiny Emperor 500 XP
Steal 1,000,000 Gold by conquering other castles.
great-emperor achievement icon
Great Emperor 1000 XP
Steal 10,000,000 Gold by conquering other castles.
uber-emperor achievement icon
Uber Emperor 3000 XP
Steal 100,000,000 Gold by conquering other castles.
barkeeper achievement icon
Barkeeper 1000 XP
Earn 5,000,000 Gold with your Taverns.
destroyer_6 achievement icon
Destroyer 500 XP
Destroy 50 Barricades & Traps.
tiny-annihilator achievement icon
Defeat 100 Troops in battle.
real-annihilator achievement icon
Defeat 10,000 Troops in battle.
uber-annihilator achievement icon
Defeat 100,000 Troops in battle.
bronze-champion_1 achievement icon
Master the Bronze League once and get a star.
silver-champion_1 achievement icon
Silver Champion 1000 XP
Master the Silver League once and get a star.
gold-champion achievement icon
Gold Champion 500 XP
Master the Gold League once and get a star.
world-champion_4 achievement icon
World Champion 2500 XP
Win the Diamond League once and get a star.
pearly-prince achievement icon
Pearly Prince 500 XP
Collect 50 Pearls.
pearly-king achievement icon
Pearly King 1000 XP
Collect 1,000 Pearls.
pearly-emperor achievement icon
Pearly Emperor 2500 XP
Collect 5,000 Pearls.
rare-armor achievement icon
Rare Armor 500 XP
Fully equip your hero with items which are rare or better.
epic-armor achievement icon
Epic Armor 1000 XP
Fully equip your hero with items which are epic or better.
legendary-armor achievement icon
Legendary Armor 2500 XP
Fully equip your hero with items which are legendary or better.
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