Rope'n'Fly 4 Achievement List

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Total XP22500 points
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9 Achievements

i-played-rope-n-fly achievement icon
Play Rope'n'Fly
extreme-flight achievement icon
Extreme Flight 2500 XP
5 seconds in the air!
high-flyer achievement icon
High Flyer 2500 XP
Reach height of 250m
random-1000 achievement icon
Random 1000 2500 XP
Reach 1000m in random level
random-5000 achievement icon
Random 5000 2500 XP
Reach 5000m in random level
random-10000 achievement icon
Random 10000 2500 XP
Reach 10000m in random level
100-ropes achievement icon
100 Ropes 2500 XP
Use more than 100 Ropes
1000 achievement icon
1000 2500 XP
Use more than 1000 Ropes
blind-passenger achievement icon
Blind Passenger 2500 XP
Rope onto a plane
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