Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile below. This game is developed by Atari, Inc.. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP57000 points
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we-need-peeps achievement icon
We Need Peeps 500 XP
Build a Motel
a-picture-says-1-000-words achievement icon
Build a Photo Booth to earn coins and allow Peeps to snapshot their memories
a-park-is-born achievement icon
Name your park
more-land-more-fun achievement icon
Tap an empty land plot to expand your park in any direction
get-creative-with-wood achievement icon
Build a new wooden coaster from scratch and see how creative you can get
balloon-bonanza achievement icon
Build a Balloon stand to earn coins and keep the children entertained
everything-breaks achievement icon
Perform maintenance on a broken coaster
leave-the-lights-on achievement icon
Select your Motel and Collect coins
fancy-sheets achievement icon
Fancy Sheets 500 XP
Select a hotel and tap Upgrade to increase the park's Peep capacity
peeps-so-hungry achievement icon
Build another food stand so more peeps can be served
picky-eaters achievement icon
Picky Eaters 500 XP
Build a Kids Restaurant to earn coins and give the parents a break
which-way-to-fun achievement icon
Build five path segments for Peeps to follow
welcome-to-fun achievement icon
Build a Welcome Sign to greet your Peeps as they enter the park
collect-from-the-ticket-booth achievement icon
Tap the Ticket Booth and then tap the Collect button.
when-ya-gotta-go-ya-gotta-go achievement icon
Build Restrooms in your park to avoid a mess
concession-cash achievement icon
Tap your Food Stand and then tap the Collect button.
swingers-playground achievement icon
Build a Chain Carousel to increase Buzz
payday-for-tycoons achievement icon
Collect from the Ticket Booth 3 times
coffee-time achievement icon
Coffee Time 500 XP
Select a Food Stand, tap 'Food Type' and start selling Coffee
reach-for-the-sky achievement icon
Build a coaster up to 50 feet height
go-higher achievement icon
Go Higher! 500 XP
Build (or modify) a coaster up to 25 feet height!
it-pays-to-be-social achievement icon
Connect to Facebook to gift free tickets and exchange coaster blueprints
more-vacancy achievement icon
More Vacancy 500 XP
Build a Boutique Hotel to increase your max peep capacity
stretch-out achievement icon
Stretch Out 500 XP
Purchase more land to make room for coasters and attractions
tree-hugger_2 achievement icon
Tree Hugger 500 XP
Plant three more trees in your park so the Peeps have some shade to rest
let-there-be-light achievement icon
Place 4 Lamp Posts to shed some light on your park
bright-idea achievement icon
Bright Idea 500 XP
Build 5 segments of the Lighted Path to guide the way
strong-as-steel achievement icon
Build a Steel Coaster and take your park to the next level
build-some-buzz achievement icon
Get Buzz to 100% by building, maintaining and upgrading your rides
must-be-this-tall-to achievement icon
Build a Daycare for Peeps to drop off their toddler Tycoons
candid-camera achievement icon
Candid Camera 500 XP
Place a camera on your coaster from the Add-On's menu of the editor
hot-doggin achievement icon
Hot Doggin 500 XP
Build another Food Stand and start selling Hot Dogs
roses-are-red-violets-blue achievement icon
Plant 6 flower pots to bring some color and sweet smells to the park
payday-for-tycoons-ii achievement icon
Collect from the Ticket Booth 20 times
buzzing-like-a-bee achievement icon
Get Buzz to 100% by building, maintaining and upgrading your rides
enchanted-forest achievement icon
Build an enchanting Fairy Tale House for the Peeps to explore
bonsai-obsession achievement icon
Plant 5 Bonsai Bushes around your park
junior-tycoon achievement icon
Junior Tycoon 500 XP
Increase your park value up to $300,000. Tap your Buzz to see where you're at.
spinning-tentacles achievement icon
Build an Octopus Ride to increase the park's Buzz
sore-feet achievement icon
Sore Feet 500 XP
Have 5 Benches built next to your paths for peeps to rest their feet
moving-on-up_2 achievement icon
Moving on Up 500 XP
Build a coaster up to 60 feet in height using Steel, Titanium or Carbon Fiber
it-s-steelly-exciting achievement icon
Modify a Steel coaster to increase its Excitement Rating
queen-s-residence achievement icon
Build a majestic Fairy Tale Castle fit for a Queen
hold-the-pickles achievement icon
Start serving Burgers at a new or existing Food Stand
shaded-stroll achievement icon
Shaded Stroll 500 XP
Build a path with trees on each side
tourist-trap achievement icon
Tourist Trap 500 XP
Build a Souvenir Shop to earn coins
spin-me-round-round achievement icon
Build a Centrifuge to increase Buzz and spin Peeps in circles
meet-near-the-flag achievement icon
Build 3 Flags so Peeps have an easy place to meetup
novice-tycoon achievement icon
Novice Tycoon 500 XP
Increase your park value to $500,000. Tap your Buzz to see where you're at.
dream-car achievement icon
Dream Car 500 XP
Place a sports car on display for the Peeps to dream of owning
coaster-surround-sound achievement icon
Build a Path between the entrances of your Wooden and Steel coasters
walkin-around achievement icon
Build a Path from your Ticket Booth to an Attraction
casa-de-tycoon achievement icon
Build a Mexican Restaurant to earn coins
sailor-s-nightmare achievement icon
Build a water decoration next to an Octopus Ride
pucker-up achievement icon
Pucker Up 500 XP
Start serving Lemonade at a new or existing Food Stand
big-burger-money achievement icon
Reach 100% capacity at your Food Stand selling Burgers
soothing-sensation achievement icon
Plant 2 Lavender Landscapes to create a relaxing oasis
get-em-soaked achievement icon
Build a Splash Pool after building a steep decline on your coaster
titanium-tycoon achievement icon
Build a new Titanium Coaster and take your Tycoon status to the next level
hotter-than-hell achievement icon
Build 3 different water decorations in your park
pathway-to-thrills achievement icon
Build a coaster over a path so Peeps can get close to the action
twisted-metal achievement icon
Twisted Metal 500 XP
Build a Steel and Titanium coaster so that their tracks cross over each other
statuesque achievement icon
Statuesque 500 XP
Erect 2 statues to add some flair to the park
tree-hugger-ii achievement icon
Plant 10 trees around your park to keep nature alive and well
fire-water-action achievement icon
Add a Splash Pool, a Camera and Fireworks to a Steel coaster
pyro-coaster achievement icon
Pyro-Coaster 500 XP
Place 5 fireworks on one coaster and watch the sparks fly!
barf-bags-required achievement icon
Build 3 coaster loops in a row after a steep drop
room-for-kids achievement icon
Room for Kids 500 XP
Build a Family Hotel to increase max Peep capacity
rosey-outlook achievement icon
Rosey Outlook 500 XP
Plant 2 Rose Landscapes to add some color to your park
quiero-burritos achievement icon
Start serving Burritos in a new or existing Food Stand
gift-exchange achievement icon
Gift Exchange 500 XP
Gift 10 free Tickets to friends and hopefully they will return the favor
classic-cartoon achievement icon
Plant a Cartoon Character Bush
arts-and-farts achievement icon
Build an Activity Center for the Peeps to express their artistic side
to-give-is-to-receive achievement icon
Accept 3 free Tickets from Friends
giancarlo-s achievement icon
Giancarlo's 500 XP
Build an Italian Restaurant to earn coins
shop-a-holic achievement icon
Shop-a-holic 500 XP
Build a Clothing Shop to earn coins
millionaire-tycoon achievement icon
Increase your Park's Value to $1,000,000.
take-me-higher achievement icon
Build a coaster up to 75 feet in height, suggest using Titanium or Carbon Fiber
wilderness-preserve achievement icon
Add some nature to your park by building a Pond
cinema-fantastico achievement icon
3D is so 2009, build a 4D Cinema to earn Buzz and wow the Peeps
happy-hour achievement icon
Happy Hour 500 XP
Start serving Cocktails in a new or existing Food Stand
vomit-comet achievement icon
Vomit Comet 500 XP
Build Restrooms next to a Centrifuge
carbon-fiber-terror achievement icon
Build a Carbon Fiber coaster up to 95 feet high
flowery-rest-stop achievement icon
Build 4 Benches around a Rose Landscape
bottom-line achievement icon
Bottom Line 500 XP
Collect from your Businesses 100 times
paradise-park achievement icon
Paradise Park 500 XP
Plant 5 Palm Trees around you park
see-food achievement icon
See Food 500 XP
Build a Seafood restaurant to earn coins
carbon-fiber-future achievement icon
Build a new Carbon Fiber coaster and push your park to the limits
multi-millionaire-tycoon achievement icon
Increase Your Park Value to $2,000,000.
dairy-king achievement icon
Dairy King 500 XP
Start serving Milkshakes in a new or existing Food Stand
blast-off achievement icon
Blast Off 500 XP
Build a Rocket Blast attraction and watch your Buzz fly up
atari-trivia achievement icon
Atari Trivia 500 XP
Find and build the Statue from a classic Atari game
strikes-and-spares achievement icon
Build a Bowling Alley to earn some extra coins
resting-spot achievement icon
Resting Spot 500 XP
Build an Oak Tree Rest Stop
green-gardens achievement icon
Green Gardens 500 XP
Plant 7 Shrub Gardens around your Park
rockin-view achievement icon
Rockin' View 500 XP
Build a Performance Stage near a Freefall Dropzone
freefalling_1 achievement icon
Freefalling 500 XP
Build a Freefall Dropzone to increase Buzz and allow Peeps to feel weightless
soothing-bush achievement icon
Soothing Bush 500 XP
Build 5 Aloe Bush Paths
space-age achievement icon
Space Age 500 XP
Build a Shuttle Expo.
let-the-games-begin achievement icon
Build a stadium in your park.
the-joy-of-falling achievement icon
Build the Indoor Skydive attraction.
land-of-the-free achievement icon
Build the Statue of Liberty.
new-tunes achievement icon
New Tunes 500 XP
Build the Music Center.
and-they-spin achievement icon
And They Spin 500 XP
Build the Frisbees attraction.
snack-supplies achievement icon
Build a Burrito, Hot Dog and Pizza stands around the stadium.
lift-off achievement icon
Lift Off! 500 XP
Build the Missile Command Statue next to the Shuttle Expo.
space-age-fun achievement icon
Build the Bullet Rocket and Rocket Blast attractions near the Shuttle Expo.
world-championship achievement icon
Build every national flag around the Stadium to celebrate the event.
inventions achievement icon
Inventions! 500 XP
Build the Engineer’s Center
rolling-around achievement icon
Build the Rolling Benches attraction.
up-and-down-we-fly achievement icon
Build the Flying Jumbos attraction
no-sharp-corners achievement icon
Build the Bouncy Castle attraction
two-kingdoms achievement icon
Two kingdoms 500 XP
Connect the Bouncy Castle and Fairy Castle with a Stone Path
mr-bones-is-scary achievement icon
Build the Mr. Bones decoration close to a coaster.
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