Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble below. This game is developed by Level Eight AB. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP19000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


wasted achievement icon
Wasted 500 XP
Get busted by a wave of goo
alpha-dog_1 achievement icon
Alpha dog 500 XP
Get busted by a dog
abducted achievement icon
Abducted 500 XP
Get busted by an alien
repeat-offender achievement icon
Repeat offender 1500 XP
Get busted 40 times
all-strung-up achievement icon
All strung up 500 XP
Tie up 50 meters of rope
the-shadow_1 achievement icon
The shadow 500 XP
Complete 7 levels in a row without being seen
like-a-box achievement icon
Like a box 500 XP
Travel 200 meters by conveyor belt
ninjutsu achievement icon
Ninjutsu 500 XP
Hide 8 times
tools-of-the-trade achievement icon
Use 15 tools
deep-pockets_1 achievement icon
Deep pockets 500 XP
Grab 100 loot
button-masher achievement icon
Button masher 500 XP
Push 25 buttons
key-master achievement icon
Key master 500 XP
Find 25 keys
wedding-crasher achievement icon
Wedding crasher 1500 XP
Complete Playa del Mafioso chapter
goo-tsunami achievement icon
Goo tsunami 1500 XP
Complete Shamville chapter
keep-watching-the-skies achievement icon
Complete Seagull Bay chapter
master-thief_1 achievement icon
Master thief 2500 XP
Get 3 stars on every level
on-vacation achievement icon
On vacation 500 XP
Relax on the beach for a bit
knock-knock achievement icon
Knock, knock! 500 XP
Kick open 20 doors
cardio-exercise achievement icon
Run out of breath
close-encounter achievement icon
Find all hidden aliens
the-phantom achievement icon
The phantom 500 XP
Be heard but not seen 12 times in a level
oh-don-t-mind-me achievement icon
Be chased by 4 guards at the same time
scanners achievement icon
Scanners 500 XP
Get busted by an alien while wearing a disguise
grand-theft-auto achievement icon
Get the main loot with an RC car
where-did-he-go achievement icon
Drink an invisibility potion while being chased
assimilate-this achievement icon
Feed a toxic donut to an alien
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