Prime Peaks Achievement List

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A25 Apps
Total XP14000 points
RatingsNo Ratings

8 Achievements

jeep-unlocked achievement icon
Jeep Unlocked 1000 XP
Unlock Jeep.
dominator-unlocked achievement icon
Unlock Dominator.
buggy-unlocked achievement icon
Buggy Unlocked 2000 XP
Unlock Buggy.
peal-pea-50-unlocked achievement icon
Unlock Peal Pea 50.
snow-ranger-unlocked achievement icon
Unlock Snow Ranger.
beach-unlocked achievement icon
Beach Unlocked 1500 XP
Unlock Beach.
pluto-unlocked achievement icon
Pluto Unlocked 2000 XP
Unlock Pluto.
snow-unlocked achievement icon
Snow Unlocked 2000 XP
Unlock Snow.
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