Picture Quiz: Logos Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Picture Quiz: Logos below. This game is developed by Timeglass Works. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP87500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


window-shopping achievement icon
Solve 10 puzzles
discount-coupon achievement icon
Discount coupon 1000 XP
Solve 50 puzzles
black-friday_2 achievement icon
Black Friday 2500 XP
Solve 200 puzzles
golden-credit-card achievement icon
Solve 500 puzzles
heaps-of-gold achievement icon
Heaps of gold 2500 XP
Solve 1000 puzzles
i-know-this-one achievement icon
Complete level
photographic-memory achievement icon
Complete 5 levels
walking-library achievement icon
Walking library 2500 XP
Complete 15 levels
the-professor achievement icon
The Professor 2500 XP
Complete level without using hints
free-shipping achievement icon
Free shipping 2500 XP
Complete level with only flawless guesses
logomaniac achievement icon
Logomaniac 10000 XP
Complete all levels in the normal game mode
beginner-s-luck_3 achievement icon
Flawlessly guess 10 puzzles in a row
practice-makes-perfect_8 achievement icon
Flawlessly guess 100 puzzles in a row
bullseye_4 achievement icon
Bullseye 5000 XP
Flawlessly guess 1000 puzzles in a row
no-more-training-wheels achievement icon
Guess 10 puzzles in a row without using hints
internal-gps achievement icon
Internal GPS 1000 XP
Guess 100 puzzles in a row without using hints
chuck-norris_2 achievement icon
Chuck Norris 5000 XP
Guess 1000 puzzles in a row without using hints
ad-eater_1 achievement icon
Ad Eater 5000 XP
Play 5 days in a row
release-the-kraken_1 achievement icon
Unlock X-treme game mode
piece-of-cake_4 achievement icon
Piece of cake 1000 XP
Complete X-treme level
i-m-invincible achievement icon
I'm invincible! 2500 XP
Complete 5 X-treme levels
hal-9000 achievement icon
Hal 9000 10000 XP
Solve all X-treme puzzles
full-throttle achievement icon
Full throttle 5000 XP
Guess all automotive brands
haute-couture achievement icon
Haute couture 5000 XP
Guess all fashion brands
i-m-the-guide-to-them-internetz achievement icon
Guess all web brands
cookie-monster achievement icon
Cookie monster 5000 XP
Guess all food brands
leprechaun achievement icon
Leprechaun 2000 XP
Collect at least 1000 hints at one time
bare-necessities achievement icon
Complete local level
souvenirs-collector achievement icon
Complete 5 local levels
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