Magic 2015 Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Magic 2015 below. This game is developed by Wizards of the Coast LLC. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP22000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


apt-pupil achievement icon
Apt Pupil 500 XP
Finish the Tutorial
spellbook-crafter achievement icon
Build a new Deck
deft-duelist achievement icon
Deft Duelist 500 XP
Win a Multiplayer Duel
battle-mastery achievement icon
Battle Mastery 5000 XP
Win 100 Multiplayer Duels
angel-s-champion achievement icon
Defeat the Innistrad Boss
necropolis-now achievement icon
Defeat the Theros Boss
mental-magic achievement icon
Mental Magic 500 XP
Defeat the Ravnica Boss
tomb-raider_1 achievement icon
Tomb Raider 500 XP
Defeat the Shandalar Boss
hedron-collector achievement icon
Defeat the Zendikar Boss
savior-of-shandalar achievement icon
Defeat the Final Boss
veteran-explorer achievement icon
Defeat all Explore Nodes
inherit-the-earth achievement icon
Draw 3 cards with Mentor of the Meek in a single turn
divine-choice achievement icon
Divine Choice 500 XP
Control a 20/20 Seraph of the Masses
defensive-line achievement icon
Deal 20 damage with Vent Sentinels in a single Duel
pincer-movement achievement icon
Put twenty cards into graveyards with Hedron Crab in a single duel
angelbane achievement icon
Angelbane 500 XP
Destroy an opponent’s Angel using Shadowborn Demon
out-of-the-gutter achievement icon
Deal 10 non-combat damage to opponents with a single Guttersnipe in a single Duel
why-did-it-have-to-be-snakes achievement icon
Pay only 2 green mana to activate the “Monstrosity” ability of Nemesis of Mortals.
it-must-be-mine achievement icon
Collect all cards from the Main Campaign
devout-disciple achievement icon
Have a Devotion to Green of 10 or more when Nylea’s Disciple entered the battlefield
death-from-above_5 achievement icon
Deal 20 damage to a single opponent with flying creatures in a single Duel
second-life achievement icon
Second Life 500 XP
Gain 20 life in a single Duel
hat-trick_6 achievement icon
Hat Trick 500 XP
Control a Creature with three Auras attached to it
five-creature-discount achievement icon
Cast a Spell without paying any Mana for it
ingenuity achievement icon
Ingenuity 500 XP
Win a duel without an opponent losing life
spellstorm achievement icon
Spellstorm 500 XP
Cast five Spells in a single turn
not-again_1 achievement icon
Not Again 500 XP
Cast the same Spell five times in a single Duel
insult-to-injury_2 achievement icon
Sacrifice a Creature you don’t own
grateful-dead achievement icon
Grateful Dead 500 XP
Win a Duel with twenty or more Creatures in your Graveyard
rampant-growth achievement icon
Have 7 Lands in play before the end of your fourth turn
welcome-to-the-club achievement icon
Added an unlocked expansion card to a deck.
deconstructor achievement icon
Deconstructor 500 XP
Defeat Captain Vronos.
murderous-tendencies achievement icon
Control creatures with a combined total power of 20 or more while on Alara.
conflux-capacitor achievement icon
Complete the Alara collection.
fly-my-pretties achievement icon
Have ten or more Thopter artifact creature tokens on the battlefield under your control.
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