Mad Skills Motocross 2 Achievement List

Total XP93000 points
RatingsNo Ratings

71 Achievements

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Unlock Bike 2
Unlock Bike 3
Oooh Shiny 1000 XP
Unlock Bike 4
Sponsor Deal 1000 XP
Unlock Bike 5
Speedracer 1500 XP
Unlock Bike 6
Unlock Bike 7
Ace Braap, Ninjitsoo & Slide Away
Ace Open it Up, Rapid Fire & Trilogy
Ace Swap City, KC Forever & Hoop de Doos
Ace Wise Up, Yardsale & Black Sheep
Ace Fat Skinny, Golding Barn & King Climb
Ace Sylvan Circle, Powerband & Cover Me
Ace Painstage, High Zenberg & Spine Chiller
Ace Dust to Dust, Some Hollow & Dolomites
Ace Hidden Lines, Flight Pattern & Big Bertha
Ace Welch Way, Smoove Move & Flossy
Ace Aye Eye, Scream & Slipper
Ace Chandelier, Shaken & Head Case
Make up 500 XP
Customize your bike
Red Bull Helmet 10000 XP
Unlocked Red Bull helmet
Login for online play
Beat your first track in Career
Beat 4 tracks in Career
Beat 9 tracks in Career
Beat 18 tracks in Career
Beat 27 tracks in Career
Beat 36 tracks in Career
Beat 48 tracks in Career
Aced It! 1000 XP
Beat 4 Ace times in Career
Like A Boss 1000 XP
Beat 9 Ace times in Career
Beat 15 Ace times in Career
Superhero 2000 XP
Beat 21 Ace times in Career
Demigod 3000 XP
Beat 32 Ace times in Career
Beat 42 Ace times in Career
Titan 500 XP
Beat all Ace times in Career
Do a flip 500 XP
Do a backflip on Braap and win
Do a backflip on Fat Skinny and win
Braap over 500 XP
Do 2 frontflips on Braap and win
Do 6 backflips on Black Sheep and win
Rocketman 500 XP
Beat KC Forever in 28 sec (rockets allowed)
Turbo Charged 500 XP
Beat Some Hollow in 38 sec using 1 rocket
Friendly 500 XP
Race a friend on Social leaderboard
Patriot 500 XP
Time Attack Braap on National leaderboard
Jammy 500 XP
Play a multiplayer Jam race
Jam Hero 2000 XP
Win 3 Jam races in one day
Superstar 3000 XP
Win a Jam race 3 rounds in a row
Jamaroo 500 XP
Win a Jam race 5 weeks in a row
Win a Jam race 10 weeks in a row
Never Surrender 3000 XP
Have 1000 attempts against people on the Social leaderboard
Tenacity 500 XP
500 attempts in Jam
Endurance 1000 XP
1000 attempts in Jam
Persistence 5000 XP
5000 attempts in Jam
Perseverance 6000 XP
10000 attempts in Jam
Determination 8000 XP
50000 attempts in Jam
Dedication 10000 XP
500000 attempts in Jam
1 000 000 attempts in Jam
Jam Champion 1500 XP
Win 100 Jam races
Reach division 2 in Jam
Defeat 5 players on the leaderboards
Jam Addict 500 XP
Finish a Jam race 3 days in a row
Jam Round 1000 XP
Finish a Jam race 7 days in a row
Flipper 500 XP
Complete a double backflip
Complete a triple backflip
Complete 5 consecutive backflips
Complete a double frontflip
Complete four consecutive frontflips
Wheelie 500 XP
Complete 2 second wheelie
Wheeelie 500 XP
Complete 4 second wheelie
Wheeeelie 500 XP
Complete 6 second wheelie
Wheeeeelie 500 XP
Complete 8 second wheelie
Wheeeeeelie 2000 XP
Complete 10 second wheelie
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Difficulty To Unlock All Achievements
Time Required To Get 100% Achievements