Lara Croft: Relic Run Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Lara Croft: Relic Run below. This game is developed by SQUARE ENIX Ltd. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP62000 points
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athleticism achievement icon
Athleticism 1000 XP
Execute 20 parkour moves in a single run.
determination achievement icon
Determination 1000 XP
Reach the boss battle twice in a single run.
detonator achievement icon
Detonator 1500 XP
Shoot 250 exploding barrels.
arsenal achievement icon
Arsenal 2000 XP
Purchase 5 secondary weapons.
never-surrender_1 achievement icon
Resurrect 50 times.
gravity_2 achievement icon
Gravity 500 XP
Spend 300 seconds in freefall.
hat-trick_2 achievement icon
Hat Trick 500 XP
Kill 3 enemies with 1 shot.
insult-to-injury achievement icon
Shoot a dead enemy.
it-s-just-skin achievement icon
Slide for 500 meters.
juggernaut_2 achievement icon
Juggernaut 1000 XP
Smash 100 destructibles.
jumper_4 achievement icon
Jumper 1500 XP
Run 1,500 meters in one run without sliding.
kill-stealer achievement icon
Kill Stealer 1000 XP
Shoot an enemy's projectile out of the air then kill him
marathon_12 achievement icon
Marathon 1000 XP
Go the distance!
medic_1 achievement icon
Medic! 500 XP
Heal 1000 health from health crates.
mega-marathon achievement icon
Mega-Marathon 2500 XP
Go the distance again! And again, and again, and again, etc.
millionaire_3 achievement icon
Millionaire 2500 XP
Collect 1,000,000 coins during runs.
off-the-wall achievement icon
Off the Wall 500 XP
Run 500 meters in wall run.
small-change achievement icon
Small Change 500 XP
Collect 500 coins in one run.
sharpshooter_7 achievement icon
Sharpshooter 1000 XP
Shoot 25 enemy projectiles out of the air.
slapstick achievement icon
Slapstick 1000 XP
Stumble 20 times in one run.
spoils-of-war_1 achievement icon
Spoils of War 500 XP
Earn 1000 coins from coin crates.
survivor_5 achievement icon
Survivor 1000 XP
Survive 10 curses.
fully-polished achievement icon
Fully Polished 1000 XP
Fully upgrade Lara's signature pistols.
time-dilation achievement icon
Time Dilation 500 XP
Spend 300 seconds total in slo-mo.
two-birds achievement icon
Two Birds 500 XP
Hit at least 2 enemies with one shot from the shotgun.
unbreakable_9 achievement icon
Unbreakable 500 XP
Take no damage in 1 combat session.
blind-luck achievement icon
Blind Luck 1000 XP
Survive triple pendulums without jumping, sliding or changing lanes.
botanist_1 achievement icon
Botanist 500 XP
Disturb 500 plants in Jungle Temple.
dinomite achievement icon
Dinomite 1000 XP
Defeat the Jungle Temple Boss.
dominator_4 achievement icon
Dominator 1500 XP
Defeat the Boss of the jungle 10 times.
firefighter_3 achievement icon
Firefighter 1000 XP
Shoot 300 fire pot projectiles
mastersaurus-rex achievement icon
Defeat the Jungle Temple Boss twice in one run.
pendu-monium achievement icon
Pendu-monium 1500 XP
Survive 25 pendulums in one run.
prehistorian achievement icon
Prehistorian 500 XP
Collect 20 Jungle Temple artifacts
snack-time achievement icon
Snack Time 500 XP
Be eaten by the T-Rex 5 times.
trailblazer_1 achievement icon
Trailblazer 1000 XP
Use a parkour to find a secret path in Jungle Temple.
archaeologist achievement icon
Archaeologist 2500 XP
Collect 20 artifacts in the Desert Ruins location.
clumsy_2 achievement icon
Clumsy 500 XP
Smash 25 pieces of pottery in one run.
explorer_5 achievement icon
Explorer 500 XP
Use a parkour to find a secret path in the Desert Ruins location.
hole-in-one achievement icon
Hole in One 500 XP
Land in the chandelier.
home-improvement_2 achievement icon
Smash through 25 windows.
kobold-conquered achievement icon
Survive at least one of every trap in the Desert Ruins location in one run.
cat-and-mouse achievement icon
Cat and Mouse 1500 XP
Defeat the Desert Ruins Boss twice in one run.
lion-tamer achievement icon
Lion Tamer 1000 XP
Defeat the Desert Ruins Boss.
manti-hardcore achievement icon
Manti-Hardcore 1500 XP
Defeat the Desert Ruins Boss 10 times.
war-drobe achievement icon
War-drobe 2000 XP
Wear 5 different outfits.
hex-agon achievement icon
Hex-agon 500 XP
Send 6 different curses to 6 different friends.
unicycle achievement icon
Unicycle 1000 XP
Travel 3500 meters in wheelie mode.
house-of-glass achievement icon
House of Glass 1000 XP
Shatter 5 ice barriers in one run.
ring-my-bell achievement icon
Ring My Bell 500 XP
Collide with 25 large bells.
pioneer achievement icon
Pioneer 500 XP
Use a parkour to find a secret path in the Mountain Pass.
exterminator_6 achievement icon
Exterminator 1000 XP
Shoot 300 tiny spiders out of the air.
leap-of-faith_1 achievement icon
Leap of Faith 500 XP
Jump blindly into the abyss.
arachnophilia achievement icon
Arachnophilia 1000 XP
Defeat the Giant Ice Spider.
relic-hunter_2 achievement icon
Relic Hunter 2500 XP
Collect 20 Relics in the Mountain Pass.
there-can-be-oni-one achievement icon
Defeat the Mountain Pass boss.
smashing_1 achievement icon
Smashing! 1500 XP
Defeat the Mountain Pass boss 10 times.
oni-the-strong-survive achievement icon
Defeat the Mountain Pass boss twice in one run.
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