Jack Adventures Achievement List

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Total XP12000 points
RatingsNo Ratings

11 Achievements

newbie_2 achievement icon
Newbie 500 XP
Pass 10 levels
explorer_6 achievement icon
Explorer 500 XP
Win 3 stars in 15 levels
adventurer_8 achievement icon
Adventurer 500 XP
Win timebonus in 25 levels
superstar_4 achievement icon
Superstar 1000 XP
Take 175 stars
rocket_7 achievement icon
Rocket 1000 XP
Win timebonus in 50 levels
ollector achievement icon
–°ollector 1000 XP
Collect 250 diamonds
treasure-hunter_14 achievement icon
Treasure hunter 1000 XP
Score 1500
megamind_1 achievement icon
Megamind 1500 XP
Pass 75 levels whith 3 stars
numismatist_1 achievement icon
Numismatist 1500 XP
Collect 500 coins
deadman achievement icon
Deadman 1500 XP
Die 100 times
genius achievement icon
Genius 2000 XP
Pass 150 levels whith 3 stars
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