iStunt 2 Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for iStunt 2 below. This game is developed by Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP62000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


graduation achievement icon
Graduation 500 XP
Complete the tutorial!
insane-hills achievement icon
Insane Hills 2500 XP
Complete "Insane Hills" Pack.
stadium-stunts achievement icon
Stadium Stunts 2500 XP
Complete "Stadium Stunts" level pack
afterlife achievement icon
AfterLife 2000 XP
Complete a level after falling from the board!
tokenghost achievement icon
TokenGhost 2500 XP
Grab one token after death and then complete the level!
respected-stuntman achievement icon
Collect all stars from one world!
superstar_2 achievement icon
SuperStar 2500 XP
Collect all stars from two worlds.
showoff_1 achievement icon
ShowOff 2500 XP
Perform five different stunts in a single combo!
immortal achievement icon
Immortal 3000 XP
Complete five levels without falling once!
addicted achievement icon
Addicted 2500 XP
Play for one hour straight.
falcon achievement icon
Falcon 3500 XP
Fly for seven seconds and land with style.
crowd-pleaser achievement icon
Crowd Pleaser 3500 XP
Collect 5000 Points with a single combo
great-performer achievement icon
Great Performer 5000 XP
Collect 7000 points with a single combo.
ninja-performer achievement icon
Ninja Performer 6000 XP
Collect 10000 points with a single combo
grabs-unlocked achievement icon
Grabs Unlocked 1500 XP
Unlock Grabs!
stadium-stunts-unlocked achievement icon
Complete "Insane Hills" to unlock "Stadium Stunts".
extreme-skies-unlocked achievement icon
Complete "Stadium Stunts" to unlock "Extreme Skies".
extreme-skies-completed achievement icon
Complete "Extreme Skies" pack.
desert-paradise-unlocked achievement icon
Complete "Extreme Skies" to unlock "Desert Paradise".
desert-paradise-completed achievement icon
Complete "Desert Paradise" pack.
mr-potato achievement icon
Mr. Potato 2500 XP
Dismember Stuntman.
collect-500-stars achievement icon
Collect 500 stars!
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