Hollywood U: Rising Stars Achievement List

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Total XP5000 points
RatingsNo Ratings

10 Achievements

best-director achievement icon
Best Director 500 XP
Get a Director to Level 50
starstruck_6 achievement icon
Starstruck 500 XP
Get a Movie Star to Level 50
fashion-passion achievement icon
Get a Fashionista to Level 50
dress-to-impress achievement icon
Get a Wardrobe to Level 50
kiss-and-make-up achievement icon
Get a Make Up to Level 50
social-media-mogul achievement icon
Get a Celebutante to Level 50
wheeler-and-dealer achievement icon
Get an Agent to Level 50
hasta-la-vista achievement icon
Get an Action Hero to Level 50
a-rose-by-any-other-name achievement icon
Get a Reality TV to Level 50
blue-steel achievement icon
Blue Steel 500 XP
Get a Model to Level 50
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