Gumballs & Dungeons(G&D) Achievement List

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Total XP32000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


lord-of-dungeons achievement icon
Kill 100 Bosses
archimage achievement icon
Archimage 500 XP
Cast 500 spells
millionaire_11 achievement icon
Millionaire 1000 XP
Accumulate 5,000,000 Coins
i-love-bbq achievement icon
I love BBQ 1000 XP
Eat 50 roast meat
future-stars achievement icon
Future Stars 500 XP
Claim 7 Sign-in Rewards
gravedigger achievement icon
GraveDigger 500 XP
Picke up 50 gravestones in the Maze
intern-warrior achievement icon
Reach floor 20
royal-knight_1 achievement icon
Royal Knight 1000 XP
Reach floor 50
templar achievement icon
Templar 2000 XP
Reach floor 100
light-oracle achievement icon
Light Oracle 3500 XP
Reach floor 200
plane-prophet achievement icon
Plane Prophet 5000 XP
Reach floor 300
legendary-archimage achievement icon
Reach floor 500
beginner_46 achievement icon
Beginner 500 XP
Unlock the first Maze - Adventurer's Forest
fortune-finder achievement icon
Fortune Finder 1000 XP
Raid Maze 50 times
dragon-s-wish achievement icon
Dragon's Wish 1500 XP
Though the Divine Dragon Slime who comes from the upper planes is the incarnation of the divine dragon, it's as powerful as the Gods in the subordinate planes. Maybe it's because it has stayed in the same planes for a long time and it's infatuated with everything there.
buffett-s-feast achievement icon
That's ... impossible,but welcome my friend!You r the next Buffett.
erathian-s-warsong achievement icon
Share game 20 times.
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