Gravity Guy Achievement List

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Total XP61500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


35-000-points-later achievement icon
Reach a score of at least 35,000 in Endless mode.
50-000-points-and-counting achievement icon
Reach a score of at least 50,000 in Endless mode.
3-checkpoints achievement icon
3 checkpoints 1000 XP
Pass 3 consecutive checkpoints without dying.
5-checkpoints achievement icon
5 checkpoints 1000 XP
Pass 5 consecutive checkpoints without dying.
10-checkpoints achievement icon
10 checkpoints 2500 XP
Pass 10 consecutive checkpoints without dying.
20-checkpoints-hero achievement icon
Pass 20 consecutive checkpoints without dying.
amazing-run achievement icon
Amazing Run 2500 XP
Finish Run Chapter.
amazing-rescue achievement icon
Amazing Rescue 2500 XP
Finish Rescue Chapter.
perfect-run achievement icon
Perfect Run 5000 XP
Finish Run Chapter in one go.
perfect-rescue achievement icon
Perfect Rescue 5000 XP
Finish the Rescue Chapter in one go.
grim-reaper achievement icon
Grim Reaper 500 XP
Die 100 times.
try-harder achievement icon
Try harder 1000 XP
Die 20 consecutive times in the same section.
persistence-is-a-virtue achievement icon
Play for 1 hour straight
lover achievement icon
Lover 4500 XP
Play Gravity Guy for 10 hours.
lan-party achievement icon
LAN Party 3500 XP
Play 100 rounds of Multiplayer mode.
shooting-spree achievement icon
Shooting spree 1500 XP
Killed 100 times by chaser.
endless-death-specialist achievement icon
Die 100 times in Endless mode.
infinite-death-specialist achievement icon
Die 250 times in Endless mode.
gravity-bender achievement icon
Gravity Bender 1500 XP
Flip gravity 1000 times.
gravity-master achievement icon
Gravity Master 3500 XP
Flip gravity 10000 times.
moon-walk achievement icon
Moon walk 4500 XP
Run the distance from Earth to the Moon.
try-much-harder achievement icon
Try much harder 1500 XP
Die 5 times in a row without flipping gravity.
1-hour-practicing achievement icon
Spend one hour in practice mode.
menu-fetiche achievement icon
Menu Fetiche 2500 XP
Spend one hour in the menus.
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