Flick Golf Extreme Achievement List

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Full Fat
Total XP65000 points
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30 Achievements

just-getting-started_1 achievement icon
Score your first hole in one.
city-slicker-quickshot achievement icon
Earn 20,000 points or more in Fairlight Heights Quickshot.
top-gun-quickshot achievement icon
Earn 16,000 points or more on the U.S.S Freedom.
oil-baron-quickshot achievement icon
Earn 10,000 points or more on the Strondum Oil Rig.
cliff-driver-quickshot achievement icon
Earn 10,000 points or more on Red Lake Canyon.
gondolier-quickshot achievement icon
Earn 10,000 points or more on San Vasco Bridge.
chain-gang achievement icon
Chain Gang 4000 XP
Score 20 hole-in-ones in a row.
recovery-position-five-ball achievement icon
Lose every ball but one in a Five Ball Challenge then gain them back.
around-the-world-in-30-minutes achievement icon
Complete World Tour in one sitting within 30 minutes (Golds required).
flagging achievement icon
Flagging 1000 XP
Hit the flag twice in a row.
fore_2 achievement icon
Fore! 2000 XP
Send a ball off the edge in Fairlight Heights.
extreme-hole-in-one achievement icon
Score a hole in one with wind above 50 MPH.
the-only-way-is-up-world-tour achievement icon
Earn a Bronze trophy.
platinum-crown-world-tour achievement icon
Earn all Platinum trophies.
third-time-s-a-charm achievement icon
Hit the flag three times in a row.
burnt-fingers achievement icon
Burnt Fingers 2000 XP
Reach the maximum fireball level!
hot-stuff achievement icon
Hot Stuff 1000 XP
Set your ball ablaze!
golden-touch-world-tour achievement icon
Earn all Gold trophies.
silver-lining-world-tour achievement icon
Earn all Silver trophies.
competitive-edge achievement icon
Post 3 or more scores online.
compulsive-world-tour achievement icon
Hit the flag with every shot in a World Tour round.
teachers-pet achievement icon
Teachers Pet 1000 XP
Score a hole in one in the tutorial.
wow achievement icon
Wow....... 5000 XP
Score a hole in one with no aftertouch in 15 MPH winds.
bell-curve achievement icon
Bell Curve 1000 XP
Make use of strong curve to score 10 hole in ones.
self-improvement achievement icon
Beat five of your local scores.
left-wing-world-tour achievement icon
Complete a World Tour course using only left aftertouch.
right-wing-world-tour achievement icon
Complete a World Tour course using only right aftertouch.
perfect-shot-prince-quickshot achievement icon
Score 5 perfect shots in a round of Quickshot.
5-ball-master-five-ball achievement icon
Score more than 100,000 points in a Five Ball Challenge.
off-target achievement icon
Off Target 2000 XP
Land your first bounce off the target and still score a hole in one.
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