Fashion Empire - Boutique Sim Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Fashion Empire - Boutique Sim below. This game is developed by Frenzoo. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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CategoryRole Playing
Total XP34000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


top-of-the-world_1 achievement icon
Unlock the Tops category!
don-t-be-shy achievement icon
Don't Be Shy 500 XP
Unlock the Blush category!
hey-shortie achievement icon
Hey Shortie 500 XP
Unlock the Shorts category!
so-kiss-me achievement icon
So... Kiss Me 500 XP
Unlock the Lips category!
hail-the-heel achievement icon
Hail the Heel 500 XP
Unlock the Shoes category!
magazine-mama achievement icon
Magazine Mama 500 XP
Unlock the Magazine category!
skirt-the-issue achievement icon
Unlock the Skirts category!
legs-best-friend achievement icon
Unlock the Hosiery category!
eye-divine achievement icon
Eye Divine 500 XP
Unlock the Eyeshadow category!
pants-power achievement icon
Pants Power 500 XP
Unlock the Pants category!
anklets-play achievement icon
Anklets Play 500 XP
Unlock the Anklets category!
poolside-princess achievement icon
Unlock the Swimwear category!
in-the-bag achievement icon
In the Bag 500 XP
Unlock the Bags category!
belts-baby achievement icon
Belts, Baby! 500 XP
Unlock the Belts category!
let-s-get-fierce achievement icon
Unlock the Eyebrows category!
nap-in-style achievement icon
Nap In Style 500 XP
Unlock the Sleepwear category!
a-tad-balmy achievement icon
A Tad Balmy 500 XP
Unlock the Lip Balm category!
gloss-game-tight achievement icon
Unlock the Lip Gloss category!
game-set-lips achievement icon
Game Set Lips 500 XP
Unlock the Lipstick Set category!
coats-couture achievement icon
Coats Couture 500 XP
Unlock the Coats category!
lips-don-t-line achievement icon
Unlock the Lip Liners category!
eyes-don-t-line achievement icon
Unlock the Eye Liners category!
flash-dance achievement icon
Flash Dance 500 XP
Unlock the Eyelashes category!
nails-forever achievement icon
Nails Forever 500 XP
Unlock the Nail Polish category!
pencil-me-in achievement icon
Pencil Me In! 500 XP
Unlock the Eyebrow Pencils category!
concealerista achievement icon
Concealerista 500 XP
Unlock the Concealers category!
romp-around achievement icon
Romp Around 500 XP
Unlock the Jumpsuit category!
ooh-la-la achievement icon
Ooh là là! 500 XP
Unlock the Bras category!
shadow-me-baby achievement icon
Unlock the Eye Shadow Set category!
purse-princess achievement icon
Unlock the Purse category!
what-lies-beneath achievement icon
Unlock the Panties category!
beauty-spot achievement icon
Beauty Spot 500 XP
Unlock the Facial Features category!
pretty-lil-powder achievement icon
Unlock the Powders category!
ink-inc achievement icon
Ink Inc. 500 XP
Unlock the Tattoos category!
hats-forever achievement icon
Hats Forever 500 XP
Unlock the Hats category!
pack-it-up-girls achievement icon
Unlock the Makeup Packs category!
mascara-maven achievement icon
Mascara Maven 500 XP
Unlock the Mascara category!
get-toned achievement icon
Get Toned 500 XP
Unlock the Toners category!
time-to-get-serious achievement icon
Unlock the Gloves category!
deep-clean achievement icon
Deep Clean 500 XP
Unlock the Cleansers category!
the-formula achievement icon
The Formula 500 XP
Unlock the Serums category!
crystal-queen achievement icon
Crystal Queen 500 XP
Unlock the Facial Deco category!
moisturizeher achievement icon
MoisturizeHer 500 XP
Unlock the Moisturizers category!
eyes-alive achievement icon
Eyes Alive! 500 XP
Unlock the Eye Creams category!
removalist achievement icon
Removalist 500 XP
Unlock the Makeup Removers category!
wrap-me-up achievement icon
Wrap Me Up 500 XP
Unlock the Scarves category!
in-the-mood achievement icon
In The Mood 500 XP
Unlock the Lingerie category!
beach-bum_2 achievement icon
Beach Bum 500 XP
Unlock the Bikinis category!
show-it-off achievement icon
Show it Off 1000 XP
Install a mannequin and finish the quest A Stylish Showcase!
talent-acquisition achievement icon
Hire your first staff and finish the quest Job Creation!
challenge-accepted_4 achievement icon
Enter your first boutique challenge to finish the quest Time For A Challenge!
sales-savvy achievement icon
Sales Savvy 1000 XP
Beat your sales record 3 times to finish the quest Up And To The Right!
fashionista_2 achievement icon
Fashionista 1000 XP
Enter your first fashion challenge to finish the quest Fashion Challenge!
talent-level-elite achievement icon
Get a top 10 challenge result to finish the quest Top 10!
bet-it-all achievement icon
Bet It All 1000 XP
Open your Las Vegas boutique to finish the quest Vegas Darling!
bikini-babe achievement icon
Bikini Babe 1000 XP
Open your Miami boutique to finish the quest Beach Life Calls!
city-of-angels achievement icon
City of Angels 1000 XP
Open your Los Angeles boutique!
fashion-empire-city achievement icon
Open your New York boutique!
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