Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Family Guy The Quest for Stuff below. This game is developed by TinyCo. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP67000 points
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playing-on-hard-mode achievement icon
Unlock Glenn Quagmire.
it-s-happy-hour-somewhere achievement icon
Repair The Drunken Clam.
friends-have-benefits achievement icon
Visit a friend's multiverse.
broke-and-bad achievement icon
Broke and Bad 3000 XP
Get the Tweaked Out Peter outfit.
black-from-the-waist-down achievement icon
Make Peter and Jerome Do a Black Handshake.
back-from-the-dead_1 achievement icon
Unlock Brian Griffin.
a-shotgun-only-a-mother-could-love achievement icon
Create Rambo Lois.
going-ham achievement icon
Going HAM 1000 XP
Make Chris Eat a Large Ham 25 times.
dance-off achievement icon
Dance Off 2000 XP
Dance the Shipoopi, Dance a Jaunty Jig, and Twerk It at the same time.
prehab-party achievement icon
Prehab Party 2000 XP
Have Bonnie chug wine while Peter, Quagmire, and Jerome go to The Clam.
that-feels-soooooo-good achievement icon
Make Brian Do the Scoot.
didn-t-see-you-there achievement icon
Make Seamus Emerge From the Shadows.
darling-it-s-better-down-where-it-s-wetter achievement icon
Make Mermaid Peter Hose off.
landing-strip achievement icon
Landing Strip 1000 XP
Place 10 Well-Trimmed Bushes.
who-needs-real-friends achievement icon
Unlock 10 characters.
underachiever_1 achievement icon
Underachiever 3000 XP
Reach Level 10.
oh-my-god-who-the-hell-cares achievement icon
Get Peter up to Level 10.
affirmative-action achievement icon
Unlock Jerome, Bruce, and Mort.
bathroom-hog achievement icon
Bathroom Hog 5000 XP
Reach Level 40.
monopoly-money achievement icon
Monopoly Money 3000 XP
Collect 500,000 coins.
identity-crisis achievement icon
Identity Crisis 5000 XP
Create 3 of Peter's outfits.
friends-in-low-places achievement icon
Visit 10 friends. You do have 10 friends, right?
creature-of-bad-habits achievement icon
Have Peter drink at The Clam 50 times.
why-don-t-you-have-a-seat-over-there achievement icon
Place 5 popsicle stands.
obsessive-compulsive-shipoopi-er achievement icon
You made Peter Shipoopi 100 times! Now ask yourself what you're doing with your life.
restraining-order achievement icon
Run out of friends to visit 20 times.
fifty-shades-of-red achievement icon
Create S and M Lois
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