Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Achievement List

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Total XP67000 points
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27 Achievements

playing-on-hard-mode achievement icon
Unlock Glenn Quagmire.
it-s-happy-hour-somewhere achievement icon
Repair The Drunken Clam.
friends-have-benefits achievement icon
Visit a friend's multiverse.
broke-and-bad achievement icon
Broke and Bad 3000 XP
Get the Tweaked Out Peter outfit.
black-from-the-waist-down achievement icon
Make Peter and Jerome Do a Black Handshake.
back-from-the-dead_1 achievement icon
Unlock Brian Griffin.
a-shotgun-only-a-mother-could-love achievement icon
Create Rambo Lois.
going-ham achievement icon
Going HAM 1000 XP
Make Chris Eat a Large Ham 25 times.
dance-off achievement icon
Dance Off 2000 XP
Dance the Shipoopi, Dance a Jaunty Jig, and Twerk It at the same time.
prehab-party achievement icon
Prehab Party 2000 XP
Have Bonnie chug wine while Peter, Quagmire, and Jerome go to The Clam.
that-feels-soooooo-good achievement icon
Make Brian Do the Scoot.
didn-t-see-you-there achievement icon
Make Seamus Emerge From the Shadows.
darling-it-s-better-down-where-it-s-wetter achievement icon
Make Mermaid Peter Hose off.
landing-strip achievement icon
Landing Strip 1000 XP
Place 10 Well-Trimmed Bushes.
who-needs-real-friends achievement icon
Unlock 10 characters.
underachiever_1 achievement icon
Underachiever 3000 XP
Reach Level 10.
oh-my-god-who-the-hell-cares achievement icon
Get Peter up to Level 10.
affirmative-action achievement icon
Unlock Jerome, Bruce, and Mort.
bathroom-hog achievement icon
Bathroom Hog 5000 XP
Reach Level 40.
monopoly-money achievement icon
Monopoly Money 3000 XP
Collect 500,000 coins.
identity-crisis achievement icon
Identity Crisis 5000 XP
Create 3 of Peter's outfits.
friends-in-low-places achievement icon
Visit 10 friends. You do have 10 friends, right?
creature-of-bad-habits achievement icon
Have Peter drink at The Clam 50 times.
why-don-t-you-have-a-seat-over-there achievement icon
Place 5 popsicle stands.
obsessive-compulsive-shipoopi-er achievement icon
You made Peter Shipoopi 100 times! Now ask yourself what you're doing with your life.
restraining-order achievement icon
Run out of friends to visit 20 times.
fifty-shades-of-red achievement icon
Create S and M Lois
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