Egg, Inc. Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Egg, Inc. below. This game is developed by Auxbrain Inc. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP46000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


drone-enemy achievement icon
Drone Enemy 500 XP
Take down 10 drones.
5-missions achievement icon
5 Missions 1000 XP
Complete 5 missions.
getting-started achievement icon
Getting Started 1000 XP
Farm size has reached 5000.
millionaire achievement icon
Millionaire 1000 XP
Have a million dollars in the bank!
billionaire achievement icon
Billionaire 1000 XP
Have a Billion dollars in the bank!
big-farm achievement icon
Big Farm 1500 XP
50,000 Chickens live on your farm.
trillionaire achievement icon
Trillionaire 1000 XP
Have a Trillion dollars in the bank!
quadrillionaire achievement icon
Quadrillionaire 1000 XP
Have a quadrillion dollars in the bank!
huge-farm achievement icon
Huge Farm 1500 XP
Farm size has reached 250,000!
prestige achievement icon
Prestige 2000 XP
Collect at least 1 soul egg!
mission-master achievement icon
Mission Master 2000 XP
Complete 25 missions
sextillionaire achievement icon
Sextillionaire 2000 XP
Have a Sextillion dollars in the bank!
one-sec achievement icon
One Sec 2000 XP
Earn a quadrillion dollars in 1 second!
mega-farm achievement icon
Mega Farm 2500 XP
Farm population reaches 1 million!
drone-hunter achievement icon
Drone Hunter 2500 XP
Take down 500 drones!
mission-impossible achievement icon
Complete all missions
mad-scientist_3 achievement icon
Mad Scientist 3500 XP
Complete 500 research.
soul-man achievement icon
Soul Man 5000 XP
Collect 500 soul eggs
decillionaire achievement icon
Decillionaire 5000 XP
Have a Decillion dollars in the bank!
insane-farm achievement icon
Insane Farm 5000 XP
Farm population reaches 100,000,000
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