Driving School 2016 Achievement List

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Ovidiu Pop
Total XP100000 points
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10 Achievements

junior-driver-1-000-xp achievement icon
Junior Driver - 1,000 XP
good-driver-20-000-xp achievement icon
Good Driver - 20,000 XP
senior-driver-40-000-xp achievement icon
Senior Driver - 40,000 XP
pro-driver-75-000-xp achievement icon
Pro Driver - 75,000 XP
rule-the-roads-100-000-xp achievement icon
Rule the Roads - 100,000 XP
best-driver-250-000-xp achievement icon
Best Driver - 250,000 XP
200-mph-320-kmh achievement icon
Reach the speed of 200 MPH (320 KMH)
car-license achievement icon
Car License 10000 XP
Complete all the car exams!
bus-license achievement icon
Bus License 10000 XP
Complete all the bus exams!
truck-license achievement icon
Truck License 10000 XP
Complete all the truck exams!
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